TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


But, you ask, what IS The Involver Alliance? According to their publicist, “The Involver Alliance is a coalition of independent organizations, venues and artists facilitating a new youth political movement this year. The Involver Alliance seeks to: 1. Convince the youth generation that they have to get involved in politics in order to fix the country’s current problems 2. Offer ways to take action that will make the country work for the youth generation.” A worthy organization indeed!
On Monday, June 21st at the Knitting Factory in NYC, the organization is officially launching; it’s a big, exciting hootenanny featuring several awesome businesses, organizations and individuals (including MISTER DAVID CROSS, Music for America, David Bazan and his Pedro the Lion, the almighty John Vanderslice, and others) who are already involved with the, err, Involver so that you too may be involved.
MISTER DAVID CROSS is emceeing the Official Involver Press Conference at 6PM at the Tap Bar with other fine people, and there, the details of the organization’s killer plans shall be unveiled. Show up, high-five everyone else that shows up, listen along and get involved (AKA at least VOTE, FOR CHRISSAKES). For more info on this event, check the link below. Oh! And buy DAVID CROSS’ new album, IT’S NOT FUNNY, too.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson