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Bring back the Grunge!

Original Message——-
From: Brett Y.
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004 10:09 PM
To: info@subpop.com
Subject: Grunge era music

Dear Sub Pop,

You guys need to bring back the Grunge era! All that I listen to is grunge rock,
and I’ve recently become interested in obtaining as many of the old albums as I could.
Even Tad, MotherLoveBone, L7. Yes, that far back in time. And also as recent as
Bush’s 2001 album, “Golden State.” Frankly, I’m finding that many of the albums I am
looking for are out-of-print and unobtainable. I think it would nice of you guys to start
signing bands who sound the way Nirvana used to. Now that was good music. The only albums I
listen to in the car are Nirvana, Alice In Chains, and SoundGarden.
And maybe the Stone Temple Pilots. My point across to you again: Bring back the Grunge sound!
There are still plenty of people who are interested in it. I don’t mean Creed and Nickelback.
People call them Grunge and “Post-Grunge,” (Whatever the hell Post-Grunge is supposed
to be), but these bands are not grunge and they suck like a Hoover. Thank you, Sir or Madam,
for taking the time to look over this email.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson