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Best Record of the Year!

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From: Matt
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 12:54 PM
To: ‘info@subpop.com’
Subject: Comets on Fire

Just wanted to give you folks a MIGHTY THANK YOU!!! Blue Cathedral is hands down
the best record of the year so far (and yes, record…sure soundz nice on 180G vinyl)!!!
And thanks a LOT for throwing in the live CD…I have been terrorizing my office mate
for the past couple with that one…

Comets on Fire just keep getting better…adding Chasny as a full time was a great idea
(and that’s from a Six Organs fan too!).

I’m gonna be paying a lot more attention to your label now…Between Comets on Fire
& Kinski, you folks have two of my current fave bands on yer label…


Posted by Harry Dean Hudson