WED, MAR 8, 2006 at 3:50 AM


“The idea was to start a different kinda punk band focused on dead ended carnal cravings, sexual depression… that sort of thing. Mainly we just wanted to bludgeon the listener with dull, monotonous droning rock music that just sucks the energy out of you, the musical equivalent to watching a toilet flush.”

Pissed Jeans are a rock and roll combo from Allentown, PA and we really think we love them. And, as so often happens when a record label falls in love with a band and isn’t careful, it looks like Sub Pop will be releasing some Pissed Jeans records in the near future.

But first, a little bit of background seems appropriate. There are four of them: Matt (that’s his quote up there), Brad, Sean, and Dave. So far, they’ve released a full-length called Shallow and a 7" single (“Throbbing Organ” b/w “Night Minutes”), both on Parts Unknown Records. And, apparently Dave is a hardcore vegan who modifies cars to run on vegetable oil. He’s also the bass player.

We picked up some copies of the Pissed Jeans’ releases and would enjoy selling them to you. Here’s where you can do that. It’s worth noting here that there are precious few of these 7"s left – what we have is close to the last of ’em. Both of these records are very good, and you will enjoy them if (as we apparently do) you enjoy the above-mentioned musical equivalent to watching a toilet flush. Turns out, that sort of thing is a gas.

We’re quite excited about this new development. And, we look forward to providing you with more dull, monotonous droning rock music from the Pissed Jeans later in 2006 – likely in the form of a 7" single sometime this summer, and then a full-length recording sometime after that.

You can (and should) read an interview with Matt and Brad from Pissed Jeans here.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson