Danny Bland and Greg Dulli

About Danny Bland:

once a year he still
romanticizes bushmills
and fair-skinned lasses

In addition to the haiku in I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I’m Gonna Do, Bland is also the author of the novel In Case We Die (2013, Fantagraphics Books), as well as a longtime musician (former member of Sub Pop bands Cat Butt, Dwarves, Best Kissers In The World) and tour manager. This is his first book of poetry, but please don’t call it that.

About Greg Dulli:

dark prince, bon vivant
or is he just a mistake
you haven’t made, yet

Dulli is the leader of The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers. He makes a living exorcising demons. I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I’m Gonna Do is his first published collection of photographs.

About Exene Cervenka:

mother, creator
a thousand witchy boots stomp
through Los Angeles

Cervenka is the lead vocalist and co-founder of the band X. She’s also a poet and visual artist. Rising to prominence in the Los Angeles punk rock scene of the late ‘70s, she continues to perform with X. Exene has released several books and solo recordings and currently resides somewhere in the United States.