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NEWS : FRI, FEB 6, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Personalized Haiku FROM: Danny Bland TO: Your Valentine

Special Apology in Advance for Valentine’s 2015!

Between now and February 12th, anyone who orders Danny Bland and Greg Dulli’s I Apologize in Advance for the Awful Things I’m Gonna Do AND makes a $25 or greater donation to the very worthy MusiCares organization, will receive a copy of the book with a personalized, original haiku written by Mr. Danny Bland himself, inscribed by hand into this same book’s endpapers by this same D. Bland. This personalized haiku could be about you or about some friend, loved one or enemy (present, former or future)! It is your choice! You have only to provide us with some descriptive insight into the person about whom this haiku will be writ. Please provide this descriptive information and your invoice number from your MusiCares donation in the comments field at checkout.

Clearly, this is the best Valentine’s Day gift idea to come along perhaps ever.

Here’s where you can make a donation to MusiCares:

And here is where you can order I Apologize……

And yes, we did a very similar if not identical promotional thing during the holidays. Poetry is just too fitting for Valentine’s Day for us to pass up the opportunity to try again!

Posted by Sam Sawyer