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FRI, MAY 17, 2013 at 7:45 AM

New Music from Daughn Gibson

July 9th, 2013, the birth date of Daughn Gibson’s Sub Pop debut and the long-awaited follow-up to last year’s brilliant All Hell. Me Moan, is approaching quickly. We’ve already given you “The Sound of Law”, the first track off the new record, and with today comes “You Don’t Fade”, which Pitchfork called “an easy lope with pitch-screwed vocal samples and frissons of guitar and bass”. So do yourself a favor and download the track, listen to it while on a nice, easy lope, and we guarantee you’ll get a frisson of excitement about the upcoming release date for Me Moan.

Pre-order Me Moan

Posted by Alissa Gallivan

THU, APR 18, 2013 at 2:56 AM

New Daughn Gibson Album 7/9, Listen to a Track NOW (it’s very good is all)

The first peek into Daughn Gibson’s forthcoming Me Moan, his first full-length with our somewhat venerable Seattle label, Sub Pop Records, is the huge album-opener, “The Sound Of Law”, which opens the record like a huge, but somehow cordially invited, punch to the gut (listen in the player above).

Me Moan is now available for pre-order through this very website right here. If you pre-order Me Moan from your good friends here at Sub Pop, you’ll receive, at no extra charge, a limited-edition Daughn Gibson seven inch featuring the songs “Every Night I Fall in Love” b/w “Brandy and Daughn”. Daughn himself describes the single this way: "Way back in the year 2002, I produced two R&B singles for a teenage sister group caled “No Option” out of a small recording booth located in a ballerina studio. As payment I received a Korg D1600, and these two songs were among the first solo things I ever recorded on it." As you can surmise, this is likely going to be a rare piece in future record collections. We’re also going to be giving people who pre-order Me Moan on LP the limited, colored-vinyl Loser Edition. Such is the nature of limited-edition things, when they’re gone, they’re gone, so get your order in quickly!

Pre-order Me Moan here.

Note: If you pre-order Me Moan with other releases, your entire order won’t arrive until July 9th, so plan accordingly, please!

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NEWS : TUE, SEP 11, 2012 at 4:49 AM

Sub Pop Goes to CMJ : Octrocktober 2012

That’s right folks! Sub Pop is coming to The Big Apple to partake in the College Music Journal musical festivities. We will celebrate this year with a showcase in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn at The Knitting Factory on October 18th. The eclectic lineup for our Octrocktober Celebration is as follows:

Debo Band 8 PM
Daughn Gibson 8:50 PM
Poor Moon 9:40 PM
METZ 10:30 PM
King Tuff 11:20 PM
Pissed Jeans 12:10 AM

*Doors are at 7 PM and this show is 18+ for the first time in years! Young music directors, that means you can finally experience an official Sub Pop showcase. Hooray! Go here to buy tickets.

What people are saying about the bands:

Debo Band:
“The Boston-based band Debo Band gives the psychedelic music heard on the Ethiopiques collections a high-spirited revamp,” -Village Voice (Live review, 2012)

Daughn Gibson:
“All Hell is a subtly clever record that pits one type of music that strongly evokes one era— here, country music— against another, namely this decade’s sample-heavy culture. Gibson does a lot of questioning within that framework, both seriously and tongue-in-cheek. All of that makes for a rewarding record to think about, and to intellectualize, but All Hell wouldn’t be nearly so fun to listen to if it weren’t for Gibson’s ear for melody. His thick baritone breezes confidently over the songs, lassoing hook after hook, redeeming his burnt-out characters through song.” – Pitchfork (Album review of All Hell, 2012)

Poor Moon:
“These songs are gutsier in their arrangements, more surefooted in the songwriting, and more certain of the band’s identity.” – Pitchfork (Album review Poor Moon LP, 2012)

“On their debut, Metz roll up the lurch of post-rock, the jagged flicker of post-punk, and the fist-pump chant-alongs of hardcore, into a concentrated clump of chaos.” – Spin (5 Best New Artists for August, 2012)

King Tuff:
King Tuff finds Thomas leaving the garage for soaring, unbridled pop accessibility— the first track, after all, is called “Anthem”. His drawling hooks are variously dedicated to provoking physical movement or singing bratty lines about breaking the rules, bumming around, not giving a shit, and other charming, unapologetic matters of youth. (Overlooked Records, 2012) – Pitchfork

Pissed Jeans:
“There’s a blunt but effective wit at work here, pressed into the service of misanthropy.” – New York Times

Sub Pop:
“Were not the best, but were pretty good.” – Sub Pop Records

Posted by Sasha Morgan

NEWS : WED, AUG 22, 2012 at 3:08 AM

Welcome aboard, Daughn Gibson

Somehow we recently convinced Carlisle, PA’s Daughn Gibson to sign a crushing and essentially eternal recording contract with us. And, somewhat predictably, we are borderline nauseatingly pleased with ourselves about this.

And, we would argue, with good reason!

Earlier this year, the White Denim label (run by music and fashion writer, and singer for the deservedly beloved Pissed Jeans, Matt Korvette) released Daughn Gibson’s debut album All Hell. This record (“Imagine if Nicolas Jaar edited together a cocaine-country album, with a crooner somewhere between Lee Hazelwood and Roy Orbison on the mic”) is so singularly great that even such publications as Pitchfork, SPIN, NME, and FILTER (we could go on) were moved to take note.

Pitchfork on All Hell in its “Overlooked Albums of 2012”: “Gibson’s excellent debut heavily relies on crackly samples of old country and Christian gospel records, and he borrows from those musical forms’ history of storytelling, too, a narrative gift most directly channeled on the father-daughter-episode-of-”COPS" lament “Tiffany Lou.” None of these elements would carry as much haunting emotional resonance without the presence of Gibson’s voice, a deep, cavernous instrument that draws flashpoint comparisons in sound to both Scott Walker and James Blake. More than anything, Gibson’s debut sounds warm, fully realized, and lived-in. It’s as if he’s been doing this for years, and it inspires hope that he continues to do so for years to come."

We’re hopeful that he continues to make music for years to come, too (to be blunt, he’s now legally obligated to do so), and the new Daughn Gibson song we’re giving away here seems a pretty good indication that he’s keeping up his end of the deal, with deeply exciting results. Daughn’s recorded a new song, called “Reach Into the Fire,” which samples the Shabazz Palaces track “an echo from the hosts that profess infinitum” and the Tiny Vipers songs “Slow Motion” and “Life on Earth.” We’re great fans of this new song and you can download “Reach Into the Fire” in the player above.

Daughn Gibson’s new full-length will be released worldwide on Sub Pop Records in 2013.

Daughn will tour in support of All Hell for the remainder of 2012. His late summer tour begins tonight, August 22 in Chicago, IL at the Vic and along the way he’ll play Portland’s Music Fest Northwest, support Yeasayer (August 22-September 1) and perform at FYF Fest in Los Angeles, CA (September 2). Here’s the full list of Daughn’s confirmed tour dates.

Posted by Alissa Gallivan