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NEWS : THU, APR 30, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Hear a New Track from Daughn Gibson’s ‘Carnation’ - Out June 2nd

You can now listen to Daughn Gibson’s “It Wants Everything,” a new offering to from Carnation, his forthcoming album.  The Line Of Best Fit says of the track, “It’s a slinky, sizzling piece of Southern Gothic cowboy-pop: whiskey-soaked guitars slither through rattlesnake rhythms and Gibson’s inimitable baritone croon - imagine if Ian Curtis was raised in Louisiana. It’s a subtle track, never wavering into over-cooked pastiche, instead slowly bubbling up and over the pan… although overtly sinister, Gibson’s new single is indescribably erotic. This is Carnation’s bad boy, dressed in leather and smouldering in your ears (see song premiere April 30th).”

Daughn Gibson’s third record, Carnation, is out June 2nd on your (presumably) favorite Seattle record label, Sub Pop. Pre-order here.

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NEWS : THU, MAR 12, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Daughn Gibson’s ‘Carnation’ Out June 2 - Hear “Shatter You Through” Now

Daughn Gibson’s Carnation will be available on CD / LP / DL June 1st in Europe, June 2nd in North America and June 8th in the UK from Sub Pop. The album, featuring the highlights “Shatter You Through,” “Bled to Death,” “It Wants Everything,” was co-produced by Gibson and Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Tim Hecker), recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle, Washington and mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering. The album features guest appearances from composer/violinist to Eyvind Kang (string arrangements), renowned studio drummer Matt Chamberlain, as well as Gibson’s long-standing musical conspirator, Jim Elkington. Additional contributions include: Steve Moore (Piano, Trombone, Keyboards and Synths); Milky Burgess, Paul Wegman, and Jer Rouse (Guitars); Skerik (Saxophone); and Jay Kardong (Pedal Steel). Carnation is the follow up to Me Moan, his Sub Pop debut.  Please find a complete tracklisting below.
You can now listen to the lead single, “Shatter You Through” via Stereogum, who says of the track: “As odd as anything he’s committed to tape, but it’s also his most instantly appealing single”
 (see premiere March 12th).”
Pre-orders of Carnation are available through Sub Pop Mega Mart, iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. Fans who purchase the album from will receive the Loser Edition on white, black and blue swirl colored vinyl (while supplies last).  There will also be new T-shirt design, available individually and as part of a bundle with purchase of Carnation.
About Daughn Gibson’s Carnation:
Daughn Gibson of Carlisle, PA is a singer, songwriter and musician possessed of a singular and strange vision. Carnation is the latest exhilarating and dark embodiment of that vision. It’s also his third album. It’s an album that’s more elegant and sophisticated than anything he’s done to date, and which sees the elements of country music, more prominent on his past records (the 2012 release All Hell on the White Denim label and Sub Pop’s 2013 release of Me Moan), undone by ambient textures and sounds to extraordinary effect.

Shot through with a deep sensuality, Carnation is a high-wire balancing act, at times sexual, emotionally intense and comforting. The album features Daughn’s strongest songwriting yet, with lyrical subject matter that shares a kinship with writers Raymond Carver and Donald Ray Pollack. The music here combines with those lyrics to widescreen effect, and Carnation feels filmic in its execution: It evokes, and in many ways pays homage to, the works of Tim Burton, Pier Paulo Pasolini, and John Waters.
Carnation’s most pervasive theme might best be described as the chaos of circumstance and the 11 tracks here tell related stories. In “Bled to Death,” Daughn passes away and laments the cruel hand dragging him back to earth.  On “Daddy I Cut My Hair,” a young man recently released from a mental health facility desperately searches for sexual intimacy. “A Rope Ain’t Enough” follows the story of an ambivalent man suddenly awaking to the disease of masculinity, and formulating a plan to eradicate it. “It Wants Everything” is written from the point of view of a drunk and belligerent “jester of circumstance”. Then there’s the addictive lead single, “Shatter You Through,” which happens to detail a moment of peaceful sleep broken by the alarm clock toll of dread and sadness, but proves to be one hell of an earworm (read more at Sub Pop).

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FRI, MAY 17, 2013 at 7:45 AM

New Music from Daughn Gibson

July 9th, 2013, the birth date of Daughn Gibson’s Sub Pop debut and the long-awaited follow-up to last year’s brilliant All Hell. Me Moan, is approaching quickly. We’ve already given you “The Sound of Law”, the first track off the new record, and with today comes “You Don’t Fade”, which Pitchfork called “an easy lope with pitch-screwed vocal samples and frissons of guitar and bass”. So do yourself a favor and download the track, listen to it while on a nice, easy lope, and we guarantee you’ll get a frisson of excitement about the upcoming release date for Me Moan.

Pre-order Me Moan

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THU, APR 18, 2013 at 2:56 AM

New Daughn Gibson Album 7/9, Listen to a Track NOW (it’s very good is all)

The first peek into Daughn Gibson’s forthcoming Me Moan, his first full-length with our somewhat venerable Seattle label, Sub Pop Records, is the huge album-opener, “The Sound Of Law”, which opens the record like a huge, but somehow cordially invited, punch to the gut (listen in the player above).

Me Moan is now available for pre-order through this very website right here. If you pre-order Me Moan from your good friends here at Sub Pop, you’ll receive, at no extra charge, a limited-edition Daughn Gibson seven inch featuring the songs “Every Night I Fall in Love” b/w “Brandy and Daughn”. Daughn himself describes the single this way: "Way back in the year 2002, I produced two R&B singles for a teenage sister group caled “No Option” out of a small recording booth located in a ballerina studio. As payment I received a Korg D1600, and these two songs were among the first solo things I ever recorded on it." As you can surmise, this is likely going to be a rare piece in future record collections. We’re also going to be giving people who pre-order Me Moan on LP the limited, colored-vinyl Loser Edition. Such is the nature of limited-edition things, when they’re gone, they’re gone, so get your order in quickly!

Pre-order Me Moan here.

Note: If you pre-order Me Moan with other releases, your entire order won’t arrive until July 9th, so plan accordingly, please!

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