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Daughn Gibson’s ‘Carnation’ Out Now - Watch the New Video for “Daddy I Cut My Hair”

Daughn Gibson’s Carnation is available now on CD / LP / DL in North America from your friends in the music business, Sub Pop Records. Conveniently enough for fans and newcomers alike, a brand-new Daughn Gibson official video for “Daddy I Cut My Hair” is also available as of today and was directed by the talented Matt Amato

Carnation, featuring the highlights “Shatter You Through,” “Bled to Death,” “It Wants Everything,” and “Daddy I Cut My Hair,” was co-produced by Gibson and Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Tim Hecker), recorded at Avast Studios in Seattle, Washington and mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering.
The new album also features guest appearances from composer/violinist to Eyvind Kang (string arrangements), renowned studio drummer Matt Chamberlain, as well as Gibson’s long-standing musical conspirator, Jim Elkington. Additional contributions include: Steve Moore (Piano, Trombone, Keyboards and Synths); Milky Burgess, Paul Wegman, and Jer Rouse (Guitars); Skerik (Saxophone); and Jay Kardong (Pedal Steel). Carnation is the follow up to Me Moan,  Daughn Gibson’s Sub Pop debut.  
North American purchases of Carnation are available through Sub Pop Mega Mart, iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. Fans who purchase the album from us at our MegaMart store will receive the Loser Edition on white, black and blue swirl colored vinyl (while supplies last only).

What people are saying about Daughn Gibson:
“Singular and unsettlingly sophisticated.” [8/10] - Uncut

Carnation, with hindsight in its favor, gives Gibson the ability to keep on stretching his narratives, but it also wisely pomades some of his wildest hairs. The country urges are tamped down to the occasional guitar line and qualities of Gibson’s singing voice, giving the music a chance to open up to breezier vistas. These are mostly pitched between Tangerine Dream’s ’80s material and soundtracks, Sylvian/Japan, Danny Elfman and ’80s radio pop groups like a-ha, a mixture of influences and ideas that’s remarkably compelling when set against such visceral tales…Across all three records, and on this one in particular, there’s a reach of ambition that never gets mired in artifice or inconsistencies; this is surprising, complex music that deals with stories difficult to tell outside the printed page. Gibson leads listeners through them on the rumble seat, without so much as a lap belt or handhold to keep us steady.” [“First Listen”] - NPR Music
“Another weirdly fitting edition to Gibson’s sonic smorgasboard.” - Time Out London
Carnation hears Gibson veering away from his earlier country influences and embracing “ambient textures,” creating an elegant, dark, and cinematic collection of songs…In addition to delivering brooding beats and eerie soundscapes, Gibson uses his deep, theatrical style of singing to explore serious themes like mental health (“Daddy I Cut My Hair”) and masculinity (“A Rope Ain’t Enough”), as well as the simpler things in life, like the moment an alarm clock wakes you from the peace of sleep on lead single “Shatter You Through” - Exclaim! 
“Gibson finally sounds the part.” [4/5] - MOJO
“Its brisk metropolitan midnight pop accented by eerie violin and honky-tonk guitar and topped off with Gibson’s death bellow. He spins a story about being jarred from peaceful sleep into dreadful waking life; it’s as odd as anything he’s committed to tape, but it’s also his most instantly appealing single yet.” [“Shatter You Through”, Carnation] - Stereogum
“Quite possibly his catchiest work to date, the titillating track is marked by groovy bass, twangy guitar, and Gibson’s rich baritone.” [“Shatter You Through”, Carnation] - Consequence of Sound
“A brisk, impressive new track with swift strings, tinkling piano keys, and a quick-paced Gibson demonstrating a keen grasp on pop’s best offerings…The future is here and now, and it’s on repeat.”
[“Shatter You Through”, Carnation] - FLOOD

Posted by Alissa Atkins