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NEWS : WED, OCT 28, 2020 at 2:10 PM

Sub Pop signs TV Priest, shares official video for “Decoration,” the lead single from Uppers, their forthcoming debut

Sub Pop has signed the UK band TV Priest and will release Uppers, their full-length debut on CD/LP/CS/DSPs worldwide February 5th, 2021. In celebration of this news, we’re sharing the official video for “Decoration,” the album’s lead single, directed by Joe Wheatley.

The FADER says of the “Decoration” video ““Gnarly British post-punk band TV Priest blow a breeze through life’s trinkets and accoutrements on “Decoration,” the beating heart of their forthcoming Sub Pop debut Uppers. Among the items frontman Charlie Drinkwater rails against over a jagged groove are feature walls, smashed avocado, junk food, and “the TV adaptation of the latest book craze (see premiere October 28th).”

Sub Pop became fans of TV Priest’s politically urgent, mechanical, subtly humorous (and self-deprecating) post-punk following the release of their standalone singles “House of York” and “Runner Up” as well as the Uppers early preview tracks “This Island” and “Slideshow” (Uppers was originally set to be released through UK label Hand in Hive this fall, but will now be available worldwide in February through Sub Pop).

(Photo Credit: Dan Kendall)

About TV Priest’s Uppers:

It’s tempting to think that you have all the answers, screaming your gospel every day with certainty and anger. Life isn’t quite like that though, and the debut album from London four-piece TV Priest instead embraces the beautiful and terrifying unknowns that exist personally, politically and culturally.

Posing as many questions as it answers, Uppers is a thunderous opening statement that continues the UK’s recent resurgence of grubby, furious post-punk music. It says something very different though – something completely its own.

Four childhood friends who made music together as teenagers before drifting apart and then, somewhat inevitably, back together late in 2019, TV Priest was born out of a need to create together once again, and brings with it a wealth of experience and exhaustion picked up in the band’s years of pursuing “real life” and “real jobs,” something those teenagers never had.

In November 2019, the band – vocalist Charlie Drinkwater, guitarist Alex Sprogis, bass and keys player Nic Bueth, and drummer Ed Kelland – played their first show, to a smattering of friends in what they describe as an “industrial freezer” in the warehouse district of Hackney Wick. “It was like the pub in Peep Show with a washing machine just in the middle…” Charlie laughs, remembering how they dodged Star Wars memorabilia and deep fat fryers while making their first statement as a band.

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a precedent for introducing an album during a global pandemic, but among the general sense of anxiety and unease pervading everything at the moment, TV Priest’s entrance in April with the release of debut single “House of York” - a searing examination of the Monarchy - served as a breath of fresh air among the chaos, its anger and confusion making some kind of twisted sense to the nation’s fried brains.

It’s the same continued global sense of anxiety that will greet the release of Uppers, and it’s an album that has a lot to say right now. Taking musical cues from The Fall and Protomartyr as well as the mechanical, pulsating grooves of Kosmische Musik, it’s a record that moves with an untamed energy. Over the top of this rumbling musical machine is vocalist Charlie, a cuttingly funny, angry, confused, real frontman.

“Decoration,” Uppers’ centerpiece, has a streamlined groove soundtracking Charlie’s lyrical vignettes that captures the absurdity and mundanity of life. Its opening and closing line (“I’ve never seen a dog do what that dog does”) is a misremembered quote by Simon Cowell about a performing dog on Britain’s Got Talent. Charlie says, “We often said it in the studio as a kind of in-joke when someone did something good or unexpected. Having already toyed around with the ‘Through to the next round’ line,’ this seemed too good to leave out.” And the chorus “It’s all just decoration” is credited to the 2-year old niece of Alex’s fiancé, who reassured him after he pretended to be scared by Halloween decorations. 

“Press Gang” is inspired by Charlie’s grandfather’s life’s work as a photojournalist and war correspondent on the UK’s Fleet Street from the 1950s to the early 1980s. The song is about the shifting role in the dissemination of information and ideas, and how the prevailing narrative that the “Death of Print Media” has contributed to a “post truth” world.

Album closer “Saintless” is the most personal and raw moment on Uppers. Charlie wrote a note to his son after his birth, following a difficult period his wife had faced during and after the pregnancy. The song is about how as parents we’re fallible and human, and while the world can be a difficult place at times the one thing that gets you through is giving your love to those that need and appreciate it. “Saintless” rides a motorik beat, with guitars, bass and synths building layers of intensity and emotion that replicate and swell with the message of the track.

Uppers sees TV Priest explicitly and outwardly trying to avoid narrowmindedness. Uppers sees TV Priest taking musical and personal risks, reaching outside of themselves and trying to make sense of this increasingly messy world. It’s a band and a record that couldn’t arrive at a more perfect time.

Uppers is now available to preorder from Sub Pop. LPs purchased through, and select independent retailers in North America will receive the limited Loser edition on gold splattered vinyl (while supplies last). Meanwhile, LP preorders in the U.K. and Europe through select independent retailers will receive the Loser edition on gray marbled vinyl (while supplies last).

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NEWS : FRI, OCT 23, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Clipping shares the stunning “Visions of Bodies Being Burned: Enlacing & Pain Everyday” official video directed by C Prinz

Visions of Bodies Being Burned, their critically acclaimed new album is out now.

“Like the films of Jordan Peele or Bong Joon Ho, Clipping uses speculative fiction to reflect the cruelty of contemporary reality.” - New York Times

Clipping have shared “Visions of Bodies Being Burned: Enlacing & Pain Everyday” a stunning new visual which features the two standout singles from Visions of Bodies Being Burned, their acclaimed new album out today on Sub Pop.
The gorgeously shot video stars the group’s frontman Daveed Diggs and was directed by C Prinz (Clipping’s “All In Your Head Video;” Chloe and Halle’s VMA-nominated “Do It”) who says of the video: “This piece explores bodies and impact and gravity and sensation in a way that aims to overwhelm you as viscerally as our current world reality does mentally, but through the lens of the embodied experience. We are surrounded by surface level, fake realities through social media and politics. I just wanted to create a piece that serves as a momentary break from the superficial culture we live in and fantasize on a more genuine, honest reality in the effort it takes to survive right now.” 
[Full Video Credits below.]
Visions of Bodies Being Burned is the second album of the “Body & Blood” socio-political horrorcore diptych (the first, the equally acclaimed companion record There Existed an Addiction to Blood, is also available now on Sub Pop).
Visions…which includes the standouts “Say the Name,” “’96 Neve Campbell,” and the aforementioned “Pain Everyday (feat. Michael Esposito),” and “Enlacing,” was produced by Clipping, mixed by Steve Kaplan, and mastered by Rashad Becker. The album also features guest appearances from Ho99o9 (“ Looking Like Meat”), Jeff Parker & Ted Byrnes (“Eaten Alive”), Sickness (“Body for the Pile”) and Greg Stuart (“Invocation (Interlude)”). The final track, “Secret Piece,” is a performance of a Yoko Ono text score from 1953 that instructs the players to “Decide on one note that you want to play/Play it with the following accompaniment: the woods from 5am to 8am in summer,” and features nearly all of the musicians who appeared on both albums. 
9/10 Loud & Quiet
9/10 Exclaim!
8.5/10 Under the Radar
8/10 CLASH
8/10 Northern Transmissions
★★★★ MOJO
★★★★ DIY
★★★★ All Music
★★★★ The Forty Five
“Album of the Week” Treble 

Visions of Bodies Being Burned is available to purchase from Sub Pop Mega Mart. The limited Loser edition on mixed red/orange/yellow colored vinyl is now sold out at Mega Mart, but is still available select independent retailers in North America and Bandcamp (while supplies last). Meanwhile, LP preorders of Visions of Bodies Being Burned throughout the UK and Europe from select independent retailers will receive the limited Loser edition on gold vinyl (also, while supplies last).
Clipping’s “Chapter 319,” the group’s standalone single released earlier this year is also now available on all DSPs through Sub Pop.

[Photo Credit: Cristina Bercovitz]

“Enlacing & Pain Everyday” video - CAST / CREW CREDITS

Directed by C Prinz

A Psycho Films Production 

Starring: Daveed Diggs

Dancers: Rebecah Goldstone, Jobel Medina, Montay Romero, Matthew Gibbs, Johnny ‘The Fox’ McThirsty

Models: Yoa Mizuno, Fabe Robinson, Natalie Renelle, Tatianna Hechevarria 

Executive Producer: Sam Canter

Producer: Geenah Krisht

DP: Xiaolong Liu

1st AC:  Sergey Kocmos, Dan Butovskiy 

2nd AC: Sergey Lobanov

Steadicam: Alex Flannery

2nd Unit DPs: Tate McCurdy, Julian Campos

Drone Op: David Weldon

Gaffer: Tate McCurdy

Key Grip: Vic Roca

Swing: Alisher Abdukarimov

Sound Mixer: Jonathan Snipes

PD: Brielle Hubert

Prop Master: Paul McCaffrey

Art Assist: Matt Toth

Hairstylist: Malcolm Marquez

Make Up: Brie Horshaw

Wardrobe Stylist: Juliann McCandless

Wardrobe Assist: Juliana Bassi

Nails: Soji Nails

Key Set PA: Linden Degurian

Set Medic/CCO: Zoe Hartman

Editor: Jobe Lowen

VFX: Timothy Hendrix

Colorist: Matt Osborne

12:38 Artist: © Mike Nesbit Studio

Movement Direction: C Prinz

Choreography: Generated by each individual movement artist.

Titles: C Prinz

Special Thanks: Jessica Worrell, Eilidh Duffy, Claire Dilworth, Jared Brunk & Family, Tom Banks

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NEWS : THU, OCT 22, 2020 at 1:58 PM

Loma’s ‘Don’t Shy Away’ is out tomorrow, Friday, October 23rd. Now watch lyric video to Brian Eno-produced song “Homing”

Stream the album in full here starting tomorrow, Friday, October 23rd, and watch the band’s Don’t Shy Away Sessions live performances October 23rd-29th.

★★★★ MOJO
8/10 Uncut
8/10 Exclaim!
“Gorgeous, otherworldly music” Stereogum
“Album of the Day” BBC 6 Music

Loma’s Don’t Shy Away, their incredible and absorbing second album, will be available on CD/LP/CS/DL tomorrow, Friday, October 23rd worldwide through Sub Pop. The eleven-track effort, which features lyric videos for “Homing” and “Ocotillo” and official videos for “Half Silences,” “Don’t Shy Away,” “I Fix My Gaze,” and “Elliptical Days,” was produced and recorded by the band at Dandysounds in Dripping Strings, Texas—except for “Homing” (featured above!), which was produced by Brian Eno. 

MOJO says of Don’t Shy Away, “Loma’s music unspools in vivid panoramas - sometimes downbeat and rainy, sometimes splashy and urgent, reminiscent of the mid-‘90s school of Bowery Electric post-rock. Yet the trio ensure all the glitches and layers (clarinet, brass, guitar) add bright pin-sharp accents not blurry textural flab, Cross’s voice glinting through ‘Blue Rainbow’s’ electro-cabaret judder or the Morphine-like rumble of ‘Ocotillo’ (4/5).” Exclaim! says: “Don’t Shy Away is ultimately as gratifying as it is ambitious. Brian Eno was right: Loma are the real deal (8/10).”
Uncut praises the album’s’ “Atmospheric melodies” and how “Cross’ otherworldly vocals blend to absorbing effect (8/10,” while Secret Meeting raves, “Bigger in scope than the three piece’s self titled debut, Don’t Shy Away is on a whole other sonic level. It encourages us to not just exist in the spaces that we inhabit, but to find every possibility they could offer. As second records go, they don’t come much more mesmerically splendorous than this.” And Stereogum, in a glowing track review of “Elliptical Days,” says “Loma are making some gorgeous, otherworldly music.”
And today, BBC’s “6 Music” has made Don’t Shy Away its “Album of the Day.”

[Photo Credit: Bryan C. Parker]

In celebration of the album’s release, Loma is presenting the Don’t Shy Away Sessions, a week-long series of live performances of songs from the album (and an interview with the band). The sessions kick off tomorrow, October 23rd via IGTV and Loma’s YouTube channel and were recorded in June 2020 in Dripping Springs, Texas.
The performances run daily from October 23rd to October 29th and will be public every day at Noon PT / 7 pm GMT, and were all shot by the band’s friend and photographer, Bryan C. Parker. The schedule is as follows:
October 23: “Ocotillo”
October 24: “Half Silences”
October 25: “I Fix My Gaze”
October 26: Loma Interview
October 27: “Don’t Shy Away”
October 28: “Elliptical Days”
October 29: “Homing”

Don’t Shy Away is available from Sub Pop. LPs purchased through, and select independent retailers in North America will receive the album on translucent yellow vinyl. LP preorders in the U.K. and Europe through select independent retailers will receive the album on dark green vinyl.

But wait! There’s more…

Loma’s Jonathan Meiburg has also announced the publication date of his first book, A Most Remarkable Creature: The Hidden Life and Epic Journey of the World’s Smartest Birds of Prey. It’s a wild and entertaining romp through our world’s deep history in the company of the caracaras—intelligent, crow-like South American falcons whose sharp minds and mischievous habits baffled and amused Darwin. The book will be published on March 30, 2021 by Knopf Doubleday in the US and The Bodley Head in the UK,and is available for pre-order now at

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NEWS : WED, OCT 21, 2020 at 6:58 AM

We signed Lael Neale! Now watch official video for her new single “Every Star Shivers in the Dark”

Sub Pop has signed musician Lael Neale [pron. l-ai-l n-EE-l] to release her songs into the world in 2021. In celebration of the announcement, we are pleased to share the video for her first single “Every Star Shivers in the Dark,” which features Lael’s crystalline voice poised above a drum machine and hypnotic church organ, with production by Guy Blakeslee and mastering by Chris Coady.
Lael says of the song: “This is my ode to Los Angeles, which always felt to me like the outskirts of Eden. I would walk a lot in the city, go from Dodgers Stadium into Downtown - along Alameda. Up in the hills, I’d look out at the vast sprawl and feel daunted. But Los Angeles is not as it appears. Even in moments of isolation, I have looked for communion with strangers and, almost always, found it. These were the scenes and feelings swirling around when I was challenging myself to write a song using only two chords.”
“In directing the video, I was aiming to reflect both the light and the shade I experienced in the city at the time I was writing the song. It was a nod to some of my favorite 60s films that marry the bright with the heavy, dark humor with dispassion.”

[Photo Credit: Jacob Boll]
Lael grew up on a farm in Virginia among acres of clouds, fields, and woods. It was writing and writers close to nature - Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Steinbeck, and Mary Oliver - that she most connected with. In 2009, she moved to California with a rising devotion to music. 
She continues, “As songs began to emerge, I spent years honing my writing, enjoying the solitude and the internal process.  Performing frightened me, but I took it as an opportunity to face fear and put an end to its rule over other areas of my life.”
In early 2019, in the midst of a major transition, Lael discovered the Omnichord and in the span of 3 months wrote a torrent of songs, including “Every Star Shivers in the Dark.” She offers this: “In a liminal space between ending and beginning, I started recording these songs. Guy, who had been an advocate for years facilitated the process. He set up the 4-track in my bedroom and provided empathic guidance, subtle but deep accompaniment, and engineering prowess. Normally I’m a morning person, however, I made most of the recordings in the early darkening evening.”

Lael Neale
”Every Star Shivers in the Dark”

Single Artwork (Photo credit: Jessa Hill)

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NEWS : TUE, OCT 20, 2020 at 1:58 PM

Marika Hackman shares interpretations of Elliott Smith’s “Between The Bars” and Beyonce’s “All Night” in advance of her forthcoming Covers album

Full details for worldwide album launch live stream announced - Covers will be out November 13th.

Listen to “Between The Bars” and “All Night” here now.

Marika Hackman recently surprised fans with details of a new album, Covers, and shared her interpretation of the beloved Grimes track “Realiti”. Covers is a darkly beautiful, self-produced album which showcases a more vulnerable side, out November 13th via Sub Pop in the Americas and Transgressive for the rest of the world.
Today, Hackman unveils two more tracks from the album. First up is her gorgeous cover of Elliott Smith’s beloved “Between the Bars.” “I’ve been playing ‘Between the Bars’ live for a while now, on the last few tours and in live streams. It’s been nice to play around with the arrangement, and I hope people enjoy what I’ve done with this recorded version,” offered Hackman about the track. In classic Marika style the opposing track couldn’t be more different - “All Night” sees her tackling one of the standouts from Beyonce’s Grammy-nominated Lemonade. Again, Hackman flips the song on its head. Joined by a choir of stacked vocal harmonies, Marika’s voice transcends to conjure a deep emotional resonance.
During the extended stay-at-home orders of the last few months, Marika felt that creating a covers record was a way of exploring new sound ideas and expressing herself without having the pressure of a blank page. She recorded and produced Covers between home and her parents’ house, then got David Wrench to mix it. In contrast to her last two albums (2019’s Any Human Friend & 2017’s I’m Not Your Man), this collection of songs is more akin in tone and feel to her debut We Slept At Last, with a darker and more introspective sound. On Covers, we hear Marika’s emotive voice set against sparse arrangements of guitars and strings with the occasional synth or scattered drum groove.
Breathing new life into the songs she’s chosen, Marika reimagines work by some of the world’s most beloved artists, such as Radiohead, Air, Sharon Van Etten and more. It’s a suitably varied collection, but Marika’s intimate delivery and soft, nuanced and atmospheric touch to production, thread them all together effortlessly.
Marika explains how she came to choose the material: “When it comes to covers, I like to pick songs which I have been listening to obsessively for a while. It gives me a natural understanding of the music, and lets me be more innovative with how I transform it.”

Adventurous and versatile, Covers continues Marika’s lineage in turning each body of work into a new take and perspective on her creative vision. She twists and turns, always surprises, and is never afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. It remains anyone’s guess to imagine where she will head next.

Covers is now available for preorder through Sub Pop (the Americas), Marika Hackman’s official website, and Transgressive Records (ROW). Preorders of the LP will be available as a limited edition Navy Blue/Purple colored vinyl.
Marika also has shared further details of her live stream taking place in an abandoned swimming pool that will take place on Covers release day. Tickets for the show will be available when fans pre-order the album. It occurs on November 13th at 8:30 pm GMT and 9 pm EST/6 pm PT.

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NEWS : WED, OCT 14, 2020 at 1:58 PM

The Downtown Boys contribute a cover of the communist workers’ song “L’Internationale” to Miss Marx film

Watch the video for “L’Internationale” now.

The Downtown Boys have contributed their arrangement of communist anthem “L’Internationale” to the Italian film Miss Marx. Directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli, Miss Marx is a biopic about Karl Marx’s daughter, who was an important but often overlooked organizer and writer. She led many women to take up their/our rightful power in socialism. The band recorded this version of “L’Internationale,” as an ode to the global struggle and passion for a freedom bigger than themselves. 
Miss Marx recently premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, where Downtown Boys and Gatto Ciliegia contro il Grande Freddo won the Soundtrack Stars Award for their work on the film. 
About the song and film, Downtown Boys said:
“This year, we saw people throughout the globe come together amidst the pain of and struggle against police brutality, and the loss of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. We have lost over 200k people in our country from a global pandemic exacerbated by greed. And, throughout this all, we have seen people collectively fight back. We hope this video is a reminder of the vessel that brings us together to scream, shout, cry, or rest. Miss Marx would rally women socialists against patriarchy and global capital, and this video shows outtakes of Miss Marx and her comrades singing. The upcoming election and these continuing moments of collective power need to be vessels for our voices. In the spirit of Eleanor Marx and the current moment, please please go anywhere you can to sign up to vote or support others in voting, both by the ballot box in a few weeks and by all the ways we see people picking the side of freedom.”
Go here to register to vote, find out how/where/when to vote, and to support free and fair elections in the US this November. 

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