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Six Finger Satellite’s Newly Remastered The Pigeon Is the Most Popular Bird Will Be Available on CD/2xLP June 30th

On Friday, June 30th, Sub Pop will release the 30th-anniversary edition of Six Finger Satellite’s The Pigeon Is the Most Popular Birdthe group’s underground classic and debut full-length from 1993, with a brand new, fully remastered CD and double-LP reissue.
Formed in 1990 in Providence, Rhode Island by J. Ryan (singer/keyboards), John MacLean (guitar), Peter Phillips (guitar), Chris Dixon (bass), and Rick Pelletier (drums), Six Finger Satellite  quickly signed to Sub Pop and released the band’s first demo tape as the Weapon EP. 
Following Weapon, Dixon left the group and was replaced by Kurt Niemand, and the band quickly jumped into making their debut full-length with Bob Weston (of Shellac, who later named a single The Bird Is the Most Popular Finger in honor of Six Finger Satellite). Released in 1993, The Pigeon Is the Most Popular Bird was the first release to truly capture the adventurous, biting spirit and sound of Six Finger Satellite.

The album is a landmark of noisy, distressing post-punk, drawing influence from Gang of Four, The Birthday Party, and Wire while adding a healthy dose of the band’s own, unique sonic antagonism. Amongst the brittle rock tracks, The Pigeon Is the Most Popular Bird has dashes of ahead-of-their-time keyboard and studio experiments that became more prominent on the band’s later albums, presaging LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records, and much of the early-2000s post-punk revival.
All Music offers this, “This is the band’s rawest record, featuring the least amount of studio gadgetry and manipulation. J. Ryan’s voice bears no effects or bizarrely buried/contorted trickery, sounding hoarse and anxious throughout. Nonetheless, it certainly sets the table for the band’s love of noise and lunacy, combined with a healthy splash of bizarre humor. Hardly any other indie band at the time was doing this.”
In 2008, Pitchfork rightly called The Pigeon Is the Most Popular Bird “one of the best noise-rock records of the ‘90s,” writing that “the transitions from silly to searing highlight Six Finger Satellite’s unpredictable and caustic approach… this was the first of several examples of them spurning underground trends, and their most exhilaratingly bitter pill to swallow.”
The Pigeon Is the Most Popular Bird is now available to preorder from Sub Pop. LP preorders from, select independent retailers in North America, and the UK and EU, will receive the limited Loser edition on Red and Blue vinyl. The album will also feature a new cover design. 

Six Finger Satellite
The Pigeon Is the Most Popular Bird
1. [Untitled]
2. Home for the Holy Day
3. [Untitled]
4. Laughing Larry
5. [Untitled]
6. Funny Like a Clown
7. [Untitled]
8. Deadpan
9. [Untitled]
10. Hi-Lo Jerk
11. [Untitled]
12. Love (via Satellite)
14. Save the Last Dance for Larry
15. [Untitled]
16. Solitary Hiro
17. [Untitled]
18. Neuro-Harmonic Conspiracy
19. [Untitled]
20. Takes One to Know One
21. [Untitled]
22. [Untitled]
23. Takes One To Know One
24. [Untitled]

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