NEWS : FRI, FEB 12, 2016 at 11:30 AM

Sub Pop Art Director Sasha Barr Nominated for Grammy, Accepts Clear Imposition (and Hearty Congratulations) from Employer

Nothing Compares 2 U, Grammy.

Sure, we have loved and lost before. Who among us hasn’t? And when it comes to that rare, fine sort of love reserved for major music industry awards like the Grammys, we have loved really, really hard. With the exception of that one time in 2008, when The Flight of the Conchords somewhat miraculously won for Best Comedy Album, we have also, regularly, lost. In fact, we have lost TWICE over the years just to “Weird Al” Yankovic alone. One would imagine that we would, at some point, learn from these experiences.

[To be clear here, when I use “we” throughout the preceding and following, I am, it’s worth admitting, attempting to associate Sub Pop Records with the accomplishments of people, groups or artists who have worked with or for us, thereby taking some largely undeserved credit for their accomplishments…]

But, hope (and our desire for just this sort of prominent music industry recognition) blooms springs eternal! Which is why, this year, with the nomination of our own Sasha Barr (one of Sub Pop’s Art Directors, and a member of our profoundly talented and surprisingly sensitive Art Department) in the category of “Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package,” we are ready to love again. We are, it turns out, SO ready to love again that we have asked Sasha, and he has reluctantly agreed, to document his experience this weekend and through Monday’s awards presentation in photos. In turn, we will be foisting the favorites of these on you through our various and powerful social media channels (likely: Instagram and Twitter, both @subpop). You can, and we very much hope you will, follow along with our Mr. Barr on his journey as a Grammy nominee from the comfort (or other conditions) of your own home or mobile device! It should be fun and will, undoubtedly, be at least a little strange.

Nominated for his art direction of the Deluxe Edition of Father John Misty’s 2015 album I Love You, Honeybear, we are exceedingly proud of Sasha, and Father John Misty, and the amazing illustration work by Stacey Rozich featured throughout the album’s art. So much so that win or lose (as unimaginable as that latter thing may be), we have every intention of very thoroughly celebrating Sasha on his return. If he does not bring home the Grammy he deserves, we will present him with our own, less official and recognizable, though no less merited and certainly way more homemade, award. It will probably be called a Grumpy or something.

So, good luck, Sasha! We’ll all be watching, very closely!

We do, in fact, want what we haven’t got (more than that one time).

Posted by Chris Jacobs