NEWS : WED, APR 15, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Here are the 2015 Sub Pop Loser Scholarship winners.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of this year’s applicants for the Sub Pop Loser Scholarship. The breadth of qualified applicants this year gave us quite an inspiring glimpse into the minds of many of the freakiest high school Loser brains in the Pacific Northwest. Every year we get the privilege to be inspired by our applicants and every year we still manage to get blown away by how many awesome young people are waving their freak flags high and fighting the good fight here in our little corner of the U.S.A. GOOD JOB LOSERS, you win again!

This year’s best Sub Pop Losers are…

Noah Philips-Reardon –$7,000

Noah inspired us all with her heart and dedication to promoting a more inclusive, productive, and inspred all ages music community here in Seattle. Her work interning with STG, EMP, Vera Project, Sasquatch and various other local organizations showed us how involved a young person can be in the music community. The blog she runs, showed us a self-driven spirit that looked to promote up and coming artists. The reporting she did on all ages music for KUOW showed us a high school perspective on a Seattle scene, that mainly caters to adults, leaving young people wanting more. She is off to USC to study the music industry and likely one day take all of our jobs.

For the first time in the history of the Loser Scholarship, we could not decide between the second and third spot. After much discussion, comparison, and debate, we decided to split the remaining money evenly between the two.

Michael Erickson–$4,000

Michael strikes us as a very very productive young man, a real go getter. Reminding us of a young Dntel or The Album Leaf, his band WMD has tons of material ranging from 8 bit chiptune loop mashups to deep almost orchestral soundscapes that are really great. The ability to use technology to create tons of beautiful music that has caught international acclaim while still in high school is super impressive stuff. When we found out about Michael’s film scores, volunteer efforts, strong work ethic and collegiate ambitions we became smitten. Check out for more. Jimmy Lavelle and Jimmy Tamborello have some competition coming their way from this kid.

Isaac Worley–$4,000

Isaac is a music nerd. He seems to be in five to ten different bands that all sound totally different. His drumming is both technically sound and innovative. Rock bands, jazz bands, marching bands, prog bands, funk bands, he drums for all of them. We really appreciate how well rounded Isaac is while still seeming to be a perfectly wonderful Loser. The focus on his craft and work ethic that Isaac displays ought to get him a leg up in his college music studies at Loyola University in New Orleans. To say we were impressed with Isaac would be an understatement.

Posted by Andrew Sullivan