The Shadracks

 The Shadracks are a three-piece rock n’ roll group hailing from Medway, Kent.

With timeless and expert precision the Shadracks play from 37.3 years in the past 33.7 years into the future.

The actual origins of the group date back even further with their cultural appropriation of Babylonian ‘Rhythm and Punk’. A mere 4 years ago Huddie Shadrack and Elisa Abednego had a brief encounter in deserted parkland. Discovering sheared an interest in vacant park benches, herbaceous borders and beat music it became paramount that they form a group – and quickly. 

Backed up by a certain Rhys ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ Webb on bass guitar The Shadracks provide razor sharp sounds, much like a musical lizard with a fancy neck frill and a dirty old tail dragging in the primordial swamp of yesteryear. Whether you like it or not The Shadracks insist on supplying the goods