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Hear New Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 7 Contributions From Hunx and His Punx and The Shadracks

You can now hear new contributions to the Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 7 from Hunx and His Punx and The Shadracks, both out today worldwide on all DSPs from Sub Pop. And you can now watch the music video for the Hunx and His Punx track here.
Hunx and His Punx is a West Coast band formed in 2009 by Seth Bogart (aka Hunx) with Shannon Shaw (Shannon & The Clams) and Erin Emslie (Secret Stare). “White Lipstick” b/w “Lose My Mind” is their first new release since 2013’s Street Punk. “White Lipstick” - named after an as-yet-unmade John Waters movie - is about being a queer teenager seeing women perform in bands and wanting to be just like them. “Lose My Mind” is a reflection on how terrible the world is, America’s abundance of guns, and wanting to give up and die, but deciding instead to keep fighting. It’s about thinking Fuck, what should all the women and queers and weirdos that don’t like guns do? Do we need them to protect ourselves? It’s about hating guns. Hunx and His Punx will celebrate the release with three shows: August 25 in Portland, OR; October 29 in Austin, TX; and October 31 in Brooklyn, NY at the 17th Annual NY Night Train Haunted Hop Halloween Spooktacular with Martin Rev (Suicide), Christeene, and many more.
The Shadracks are a three-piece rock n’ roll group hailing from Medway, Kent, and “Time Slips Away” b/w “Hollow and Uncertain” is their contribution to the Singles Club. “Time Slips Away” talks of the tribulations of making peace with the absolute judge. It’s about yearning to find out who you could be, instead of who you’re told you are. With timeless and expert precision the Shadracks play from 37.3 years in the past 33.7 years into the future. The actual origins of the group date back even further with their cultural appropriation of Babylonian ‘Rhythm and Punk’. A mere 4 years ago Huddie Shadrack and Elisa Abednego had a brief encounter in deserted parkland. Discovering a shared interest in vacant park benches, herbaceous borders and beat music it became paramount that they form a group, which they did on recruiting Rhys ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ Webb on bass guitar. The Shadracks celebrate the single’s release with an August 24 show at Paper Dress Vintage in London.
Subscribe to the Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 7 to get twelve exclusive, limited-to-1,000-copies, colored-vinyl 7” records that you will, undoubtedly, love and adore. In addition to the Hunx and His Punx and The Shadracks singles announced today, subscribers will get 7”s by Bartees Strange, Dummy, Irreversible Entanglements, Party Dozen, Matthew “Doc” Dunn, The William Loveday Intention (feat. Billy Childish!), Sidney Gish, and more TBA. Vol. 7 runs from April, 2022 through February, 2023.
The Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6 series included subscription-only 7” singles by John Waters, Kim Gordon/J Mascis, Jeff Tweedy, Duma, LIDS, Washed Out, Hand Habits, Porridge Radio, Sheltered Workshop Singers, TV Priest, BNH Deluxe, and The Black Tones. Hear music from the series via the Singles Club playlist, and grab one of the very few remaining subscriptions here (we only made 1,000 and they’re almost gone!).

Hunx and His Punx

“White Lipstick” b/w “Lose My Mind”

The Shadracks

“Time Slips Away” b/w “Hollow and Uncertain”

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