Sunny Day Real Estate Diary (2009 Edition)

Sunny Day Real Estate Diary (2009 Edition)

Release Date September 15, 2009

Catalog No SP846

Formats Cassette, CD, 2xLP, and Digital

*Colored vinyl is SOLD OUT! Black vinyl is available now and shipping on all orders. 
This is the 2009 reissue of Sunny Day Real Estate’s 1994 debut album Diary. This edition has been re-mastered and includes the bonus tracks “8” and “9,” as well as newly written liner notes. The LP reissue of Diary will be on two pieces of BLACK vinyl.


  1. SevenSeven
  2. In CirclesIn Circles
  3. Song About an AngelSong About an Angel
  4. Round
  5. 47
  6. The Blankets Were the Stairs
  7. Pheurton Skeurto
  8. Shadows
  9. 48
  10. Grendel
  11. Sometimes
  12. 8
  13. 9