Strange Wilds Subjective Concepts

Strange Wilds Subjective Concepts

Release Date July 24, 2015

Catalog No SP1124

*Loser edition white vinyl is now SOLD OUT. All orders will receive black vinyl going forward.

Strange Wilds is a musical power-trio from Olympia, Washington.

There are three members: Allen, who plays drums; Sean, who plays bass; and Steven, who sings and plays the guitar. There is also a freight train, several buzzsaws, a banshee, and some heavy, heavy Pacific doom-and-gloom up in the mix. They’re putting their debut full-length out on Sub Pop and we think you might want to know more about these guys over here. 

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  1. PronoiaPronoia
  2. Starved For
  3. Autothysis
  4. Don't Have To
  5. Egophillia
  6. Oneirophobe
  7. Disdain
  8. Pareidolia
  9. Terrible
  10. Lost and Found
  11. Outercourse