Spoek Mathambo Put Some Red on It

Spoek Mathambo Put Some Red on It

Release Date September 27, 2011

Catalog No SP982

Put Some Red on It is Sub Pop’s first release from South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo. Here’s SPIN magazine on Spoek’s cover of Joy Division’s “Control” in a recent “Songs You Must Hear Now” section: “Slo-mo vocals plunge into the sepulcher as drum machines ricochet and synths snake on this ‘darkwave township house’ cover of Joy Division.”

Produced by Spoek in collaboration with Copenhagen-based future-bass artist Chllngr, Put Some Red on It is a 6-song digital-only EP featuring two tracks (“Put Some Red on It” and “Dog to Bone”) that will also appear in some form on Spoek’s as-yet-unscheduled 2012 debut full-length, plus remixes of those tracks and a brief intro piece. We’re just ridiculously excited about the music Spoek’s making and this EP provides a glimpse at a album we hope you’ll soon look forward to as much as we do.

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  1. Intro
  2. Put Some Red on It
  3. Put Some Red on It (Machinedrum Remix)
  4. Put Some Red on It (Shabazz Palaces Remix)
  5. Dog to Bone
  6. Dog to Bone (Telepathe Remix)