Rose Windows Rose Windows

Rose Windows Rose Windows

Release Date May 4, 2015

Catalog No SP1134

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When Chris Cheveyo abandoned the finalized recording of his heavy instrumental post-rock band towards the end of 2010, it wasn’t out of a general cynicism towards expansive, heady music. There was just something about that specific palette of tones and the cut-and-dry melodrama of the songwriting that wasn’t satisfying anymore. So he culled his old habits and made a fresh start with Rose Windows, a Seattle-based sextet that drew upon everything from American folk to West Saharan guitar rock, from pentatonic proto-metal to traditional Persian music, from the darker corners of California’s early psych scene to the hazy atmospherics of contemporary drone artists.

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  1. Bodhi Song
  2. Glory, GloryGlory, Glory
  3. Blind
  4. Strip Mall BabylonStrip Mall Babylon
  5. Come Get Us Again
  6. The Old Crow
  7. Aurora Avenue
  8. A Pleasure to Burn
  9. Hirami