Retribution Gospel Choir 2

Release Date January 25, 2010

Catalog No SP856

Retribution Gospel Choir is a rock trio founded in 2007. The group features Alan Sparhawk on guitar and vocals, Steve Garrington on bass and Eric Pollard on drums and vocals. Alan also fronts the band Low with his wife, Mimi Parker, and Steve also plays bass in Low. 2 is Retribution Gospel Choir’s 2nd full-length and Sub Pop debut! Eric Swanson recorded these performances at Sacred Heart Studio in Duluth, Minnesota, and Matt Beckley mixed the recordings at Faux Rock in Sherman Oaks, California.

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  1. Hide It AwayHide It Away
  2. Your Bird
  3. '68 Comeback
  4. Workin' Hard
  5. Poor Man's Daughter
  6. White Wolf
  7. The Last of the Blue Dream
  8. Something's Going to Break
  9. Electric Guitar
  10. Bless Us All