Porter Ray Eye of the Beholder

Porter Ray Eye of the Beholder

Release Date December 14, 2018

Catalog No SP1272

Following the 2017 release of Watercolor, Seattle MC Porter Ray has a new collection of songs entitled Eye of the Beholder. This 11 track digital release was mixed by Vitamin D at The Pharmacy studio in Seattle, WA and features guest appearances from Stas Thee Boss, Nate Jack, Astro King Phoenix, and Bruce Leroy. 

In his own words, “This project is about finding oneself, developing and strengthening one’s own opinions and ideas, freeing oneself from what’s popularly accepted and making one’s own decisions through love, self-awareness, and environmental examination.”


  1. Be Not Afraid (feat. Aslan T. Rife)
  2. Eye of the Beholder [The Vision]Eye of the Beholder [The Vision]
  3. The Diamond that Cuts Thru Illusion
  4. Mask of Control
  5. The Gift (feat. Astro King Phoenix & Stas Thee Boss)
  6. MultiColourSexLoveFrequency (feat. Nate Jack)
  7. Far Light [Interlude]
  8. Sapphire [Gleam Eyes]
  9. The Mountain and The Moon
  10. Prism Within (feat. DC, Bruce Leroy & JD)
  11. Beyond the Mirror (feat. JD & Bruce Leroy)