Poor Moon Illusion

Poor Moon Illusion

Release Date March 27, 2012

Catalog No SP990

Formats Digital, 12 inch, and CD

Poor Moon is Christian Wargo (Fleet Foxes, Crystal Skulls), Casey Wescott (Fleet Foxes, Crystal Skulls) and brothers Ian and Peter Murray (The Christmas Cards). The band, named for frontman and primary songwriter Christian Wargo’s favorite Canned Heat song, began four years ago as a long-distance project while Wargo and Wescott were touring in support of the Fleet Foxes 2008 self-titled debut and Ian and Peter were living in the Bay area. Their first shows were at intimate Seattle house parties where they used playful throwaway monikers like Rabbit Kingdom and Cookie Mask. It wasn’t until the band opened up for Deakin at Seattle’s Neumos (under the name Peppermint Majesty) that things began to really take form. Recording began soon after. We at Sub Pop are immoderately proud to be releasing Poor Moon records. Illusion, Poor Moon’s first release, was recorded in a variety of bedrooms, practice spaces, the Murray residence, and at AVAST! and Fastback studios in Seattle, with the help of engineer Jared Hankins and guest performances by many musician friends. Poor Moon’s debut full-length will be out on Sub Pop in August 2012.

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  1. Illusion
  2. Anyplace
  3. People in Her MindPeople in Her Mind
  4. Once Before
  5. Widow