Mudhoney New World Charm

Mudhoney New World Charm

Release Date May 7, 2013

Catalog No SP1025

The long-running and unrivaled Seattle-based underground rock band Mudhoney released their ninth studio album on April 2nd, 2013. It’s called Vanishing Point and it’s excellent. Exactly none of the songs on this single are from that album. The a-side here, “New World Charm,” was recorded during the same sessions that yielded Vanishing Point, and, though of equally high caliber, impressed itself upon all concerned parties as less of a team player and more of a rugged individualist. The two b-sides are two different versions of the theme song Mudhoney wrote and recorded for the short-lived Discovery Channel TV series Brew Masters. Arguably not for the casual Mudhoney fan, this single will appeal to the Mudhoney completist we should all aspire to become.


  1. New World Charm
  2. Swimming in Beer
  3. The Swimming in Beer Blues