Mudhoney March To Fuzz

Mudhoney March To Fuzz

Release Date January 18, 2000

Catalog No SP500

Triple LP! The most Mudhoney.


  1. In ‘n’ Out of Grace
  2. Suck You Dry
  3. I have to Laugh
  4. Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More
  5. Who you Driving Now?
  6. You Got It
  7. Judgment, Rage, Retribution, and Thyme
  8. Into the Drink
  9. A Thousands Forms of Mind
  10. Generation Genocide
  11. If I Think
  12. Here Comes SicknessIntermission
  13. Look Back
  14. Bottle Up and Go
  15. The Story as I Was Told
  16. Notes & Chords Mean Nothing to Me
  17. Stop This World
  18. I’m
  19. Let it Slide
  20. Touch Me I’m Sick
  21. This Gift
  22. Good Enough