Low Christmas (2010 LP Reissue)

Low Christmas (2010 LP Reissue)

Out of print

Release Date October 25, 2010

Catalog No SP906

“Despite the commerce involved, we hope you will consider this our gift to you. Best wishes.”—Low

Low’s 8-song 1999 release Christmas collects 5 seasonally-themed originals by the band and covers of “Little Drummer Boy,” “Blue Christmas” and “Silent Night.” Of the originals here, one (“If You Were Born Today”) was released b/w “Blue Christmas” as a 7” single in 1997 on Wurlitzer Jukebox, and another (“Taking Down the Tree”) was released in 1998 on a compilation by the Dutch VPRO radio station. This from Allmusic, “…the heartfelt and reverential beauty of their sound and lyrics are perfect for the holiday season. Christmas is a rich treat in a tiny package.” This 2010 gatefold-LP reissue of Christmas is the first time this record has been available on vinyl and presents the album in a substantially less tiny package. The US version is available on Kranky (who, in conjunction with the band’s own Chair Kickers’ Union label, put out the original CD release) while we at Sub Pop are releasing it for the rest of the world.


  1. Just Like Christmas
  2. Long Way Around the Sea
  3. Little Drummer Boy
  4. If You Were Born Today
  5. Blue Christmas
  6. Silent Night
  7. Taking Down the Tree
  8. One Special Gift