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Love as Laughter Sam Jayne (solo record) - The Super Natural Sessions

Release Date August 14, 1974

Catalog No LIO15

Formats CD

Sam Jayne is proud to announce the official release of ‘The Supernatural Sessions’ , songs recorded over the course of last year by ‘natural’ Miguel Mendez. The CD is out on Luckyhorse Industries and features some 12 or so original and not so original songs. The CD sleeves are individually silk screened and look pretty cool compared to most CD covers, if you are into that sort of thing.

Track Listing:

1. Anyone and All Who Come
2. Don’t Worry Baby
3. Rosie’s Factory
4. Icarus
5. Freestyle
6. The Cleaning Man
7. Bonnie and Clyde
8. The Last of the Steam Powered Trains
9. The Quasar Brother
10. Some of Shelley’s Blues
11. The Captain was Here