J Mascis Leaving on a Jet Plane

J Mascis Leaving on a Jet Plane

Release Date September 18, 2001

Catalog No SP573

John Denver’s “Leaving On A Jet Plane” has been covered by many artists including My Morning Jacket, Brandi Carlile, and Peter, Paul & Mary. In 2001, J Mascis absolutely killed it on a Sub Pop 7” single backed with “Too Hard”. And I mean he killed it in a good way. Released exclusively for the Sub Pop Singles Club, there are only 1300 copies pressed on yellow vinyl. This will set your hair on fire as Mascis performs the song with his usual wall of guitar sound. The B-Side “Too Hard” is outstanding, as well. It’s an acoustic workout with his band The Fog that just sounds great.

-Alan Lawrence, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Leaving on a Jet Plane
  2. Too Hard