Hunx & His Punx Street Punk

Hunx & His Punx Street Punk

Release Date July 22, 2013

Catalog No 73073

Out Now on Hardly Art!
HUNX AND HIS PUNX have returned with Street Punk—a new album filled with the catchiest and most hateful punk songs heard in eons. Street Punk is an unrelenting tour de force, echoing early 80s hardcore, 90s grrl sounds, Darby Crash on helium, and the female answer to The Misfits.


  1. Bad Skin
  2. Everyone's A Pussy (Fuck You Dude)
  3. You Think You're Tough
  4. Born Blonde
  5. I'm Coming Back
  6. Mud in Your Eyes
  7. Street Punk
  8. Don't Call Me Fabulous
  9. Rat Bag
  10. Egg Raid on Mojo
  11. Kill Elaine
  12. It's Not Easy