feedtime the Aberrant years

feedtime the Aberrant years

Release Date March 13, 2012

Catalog No SP980

With the Aberrant years, Sub Pop finally realizes our goal of releasing feedtime, a longtime staff favorite and a huge influence on the label’s early artistes. From 1978 or 1979 (dates are hazy) until the breakup of their classic lineup in 1989, Sydney, Australia’s feedtime—no, that’s not a typo, the ‘f’ is lowercase—shoved their mutant fusion of early American blues, stripped-down hard rock and minimalist punk on an often-hostile music scene. Their raw vision of rock music and disdain for trendy music-biz maneuvering earned them little in the way of mainstream success, but it did get them a rabid underground following (notably Sub Pop’s very own Mudhoney) and the support of seminal Aussie indie label Aberrant Records, Amphetamine Reptile Records and Rough Trade US.

The sound of feedtime was like nothing else in Australia: a vintage blues swagger via roots rock and the late ‘70s that didn’t come from an established clique, a pure strain of rock and roll with a relentless mechanical propulsion. It was the perfect symbiosis of syncopation, minimalist rock that carried a thunderous atmosphere of reckless intoxication and intense personal pain but with a self-assured “ease” amongst the chaos. The sound was both Zen-like transcendence and a form of self-defense from psychic scum. Impenetrable, yet welcoming. Guitar noise you could dance to with lyrics cut straight from experience, tradition and dead crazy urban confusion.

the Aberrant years collects the entire output of feedtime’s 1978-1989 lineup, including their self-titled debut, shovel, Cooper S and suction, plus gobs of rare bonus tracks and a full-color booklet with extensive liner notes by band biographer Leon O’Regan.

This is perfect sound and pure art. Avant-garde pub-rock. All hail the concrete urban blues.

Available as a 4 LP or 4 CD box set. The vinyl version includes a download of all the rare single and compilation tracks that are included on the CD version as well.


  1. haha
  2. fastbuck
  3. all down
  4. mandead / searching the desert
  5. doesn't time fly
  6. dead crazy
  7. don't like
  8. f#
  9. clowns
  10. gee
  11. southside johnny
  12. i wonder what's the matter with papa's little angel child
  13. i wanna ride
  14. small talk
  15. don't tell me
  16. shovel
  17. rock n rollrock n roll
  18. mother
  19. more than love
  20. george
  21. nobodys fault but mine
  22. fractured
  23. love me
  24. baby baby
  25. nice
  26. shoeshine shuffle
  27. gun 'em down
  28. dog
  29. curtains
  30. safari
  31. rumble
  32. plymouth car is a limousine
  33. fun fun fun
  34. if you cant
  35. last time
  36. hear me calling
  37. h.d.
  38. i don't wanna go out
  39. lightning's girl
  40. sad, lonely and blue
  41. pure religion
  42. play with fire
  43. loudmouth
  44. we've gotta get out of this place
  45. paint it black
  46. street fighting man
  47. ann
  48. take the buick
  49. buffalo bob
  50. small talk
  51. don't tell me
  52. ann (au go go mix)
  53. motorbike girl
  54. possum
  55. drag your dog
  56. ever again
  57. highway
  58. confused blues
  59. i'll be rested
  60. pumping a line
  61. meter
  62. social suction
  63. trouble
  64. valve frank
  65. arse