Dead Moon Echoes of the Past

Dead Moon Echoes of the Past

Release Date September 12, 2006

Catalog No SP706

Clackamas, Oregon’s Dead Moon are truly one of the most independent and revered Northwest underground bands of all time. With Fred Cole on guitar and vocals, his wife Toody on bass and vocals, and the nearly indefatigable Andrew Loomis on drums (“nearly” because he’s rumored to have passed out on stage from exhaustion…), Dead Moon have been churning out their own indescribable brand of rock and roll for nearly 20 years now (and Fred’s career spans back another 20+ years before that). And they have yet to slow down. Proof of the band’s potency can be witnessed at any stop along one of their marathon tours of America and Europe. Their intensity and vitality are as unquestionable now as ever. Be warned: seeing Dead Moon live can be a life-altering experience that can quickly render at least half of your record collection useless and frivolous. The model of DIY self-sufficiency, Dead Moon have recorded almost all of their output themselves, released much of it on their own label (Tombstone Records, “Music Too Tough to Die”) and even cut their own masters (on the same disc cutter used for The Kingsmen’s all-timer “Louie Louie”). Echoes of the Past, is the best of Dead Moon as compiled by rock and roll legend and survivor Fred Cole, and we at Sub Pop are honored to be involved.


  1. Graveyard
  2. Evil Eye
  3. I Hate The Blues
  4. Dead Moon Night
  5. My Escape
  6. A Miss of You
  7. Walking On My Grave
  8. Johnny's Got a Gun
  9. I'm Out Nine
  10. Kicked Out - Kicked In
  11. Unknown Passage
  12. Jane
  13. Dagger Moon
  14. DOA
  15. Over The Edge
  16. Running Scared
  17. Room 213
  18. 54/40 or Fight (Live)
  19. A Fix On You
  20. Sorrow's Forecast
  21. Castaways
  22. Down The Road
  23. Fire In The Western World
  24. Can't Do That
  25. 13 Going On 21
  26. Destination X
  27. Black September
  28. Poor Born
  29. Cast Will Change
  30. Running Out Of Time
  31. Psychedelic Nightmare
  32. Area 51
  33. Somewhere Far Away
  34. Diamonds In The Rough
  35. Going South
  36. I Won't Be The One
  37. Point Of No Return
  38. Last Train
  39. Rescue
  40. On Another Plane
  41. Ricochet
  42. The Way It Is
  43. These Times With You
  44. 40 Miles Of Bad Road
  45. Never Again
  46. Sabotage
  47. Day After Day
  48. It's O.K.
  49. Too Far Gone