Dead Moon Dirty Noise

Dead Moon Dirty Noise

Out of print

Release Date March 1, 1993

Catalog No SP200

Fred Cole is a Northwest punk legend. Full stop. The Portland-via-Las Vegas transplant passed away last year, but left us with a prolific discography filled with beaming punk romps and fiery performances from an array of groups and solo projects. Chief among his numerous groups is Dead Moon. And you can feel the spirit of the PNW in the group’s Sub Pop Singles Club 7-inch, shouting out Seattle, Bellingham, Portland, Eugene, and Tacoma on the a-side “Dirty Noise.” Perhaps no one could speak to the sound of our region better than Cole, as he does in the song’s second verse: “”Critics call it anger / Some say it’s deranged / But it’s the sound, the sound of the great northwest / It’s gonna eat away your brain / Ah, dirty noise”

-Dusty Henry, courtesy of KEXP


  1. Dirty Noise
  2. Dark Deception