David Cross Shut Up, You Fucking Baby!

David Cross Shut Up, You Fucking Baby!

Release Date November 5, 2002

Catalog No SP590

Shut Up, You Fucking Baby! is Sub Pop’s first-ever intentional comedy release. This 2-CD set was recorded during a sold-out spring/summer 2002 national tour (of rock clubs, with opening bands, as opposed to our nation’s sad network of comedy clubs). Cross is sharp, incisive and extremely funny. David Cross was one half of the Mr. Show dynasty and during his illustrious career, hs has played recurring roles on the TV programs Arrested Development and The Colbert Report, and won an Emmy Award for his contributions to The Ben Stiller Show. He has also starred in such films as Waiting for Guffman, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the Bob Dylan fantasy I’m Not There (in which he portrayed Allen Ginsberg), and Kung Fu Panda.


  1. Lunch with Frankenstein
  2. Austin Powers Saying, "Yeah Baby"
  3. "You Go, Girl!"
  4. Phone Call from a Cranky Terrorist
  5. Sex on the Internet!?
  6. Spiderman vs. Batman vs. Wonder Woman on the Rag
  7. Shaving the Pope's Pussy
  8. Monica Lewinsky and the Three Bears
  9. Fake Tits/Real Beer
  10. My Wife's Crazy!
  11. Flying on a Mexican Plane
  12. Abortion Doctor from Hell!
  13. Socks and Shoes
  14. My Daughter's First Date
  15. Diarrhea Moustache
  16. If Baseballs Had AIDS on Them
  17. Goodnight Assholes!