Comets on Fire Blue Cathedral

Comets on Fire Blue Cathedral

Release Date April 29, 2016

Catalog No SP647

Formats CD, LP, and Digital

Blue Cathedral is the third album from Comets on Fire and their first for Sub Pop. It is also the Bay area band’s most varied and richly textured album yet. With their first two albums, (2001’s self-titled debut/self-released and 2002’s Field Recordings from the Sun on Ba Da Bing!) they established themselves as flag-bearers of modern psychedelia. However, where their previous efforts are full-tilt psychedelic affairs, Blue Cathedral is harder to pin down (which elusiveness we heartily support). Their trademark sound is here enriched by more structured, keyboard-driven jams, churning Blue Oyster Cult-ish chooglers and slow burners reminiscent of Harvest-era Pink Floyd. They recently opened a string of dates for Sonic Youth and have also played shows with Rocket From The Tombs, Dead Meadow AND Dead Moon, Sunburned Hand of the Man and more. They also made a BIG fan outta Lord Head on High, Julian Cope, who said of them: “Comets on Fire deserve our gratitude…for their distillation of all the best rock riffs since High Rise’s take on Blue Cheer…” Naturally, we agree.


  1. The Bee and the Cracking Egg
  2. Pussy Foot the Duke
  3. Whiskey River
  4. Organs
  5. The Antlers of the Midnight Sun
  6. Brotherhood of the Harvest
  7. Wild Whiskey
  8. Blue Tomb