Blitzen Trapper Wild Mountain Nation

Blitzen Trapper Wild Mountain Nation

Release Date July 9, 2007

Catalog No 4075598

Formats CD and LP

From outerspace to down at the farm, campfire singalong to dystopic atonal deconstruction, Wild Mountain Nation presents a raucous and varied constellation of favorite souvenirs from the Trapper’s musical adventures. Brought forth in a spasm of creative mania, Nation is rough-hewn but lush, crackling (sometimes audibly) with a weird and lucid energy. The album was recorded and arranged by the band themselves, using a dizzying variety of techniques and media, including a secret process learned from friendly extraterrestrials. As always, though, the group’s trusty four-track was used to capture the “soul”, “essence”, or “kernel” of each song, which was then buried in a rich humus of articulation, embellishment, and attenuation, so that after the summer a nutritious, colorful variety of fresh music was drooping from the vine (so to speak). A rich harvest: dusty bones, sunrise, Philip K Dick, Guernica, barley wine, sycamore or doug fir, snowflake, Sally Mack’s School of Dance, Scooby-Doo, bigfoot.

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  1. Devil's A-Go-Go
  2. Wild Mountain Nation
  3. Futures & Folly
  4. Miss Spiritual Tramp
  5. Woof & Warp of the Quiet Giant's Hem
  6. Sci-Fi Kid
  7. Wild Mtn. Jam
  8. Hot Tip/Tough Cub
  9. The Green King Sings
  10. Summer Town
  11. Murder Babe
  12. Country Caravan
  13. Badger's Black Brigade