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NEWS : FRI, OCT 30, 2015 at 3:45 AM

Reissue, Repress, Rejoice!: Built to Spill’s ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Love’ & Ugly Casanova’s ‘Sharpen Your Teeth are out on vinyl

Built to Spill’s There’s Nothing Wrong With Love and Ugly Casanova’s Sharpen Your Teeth are now available on vinyl from Sub Pop.

Built to Spill’s There’s Nothing Wrong With Love is the second full-length album released by legendary indie rock band Built to Spill. (stream the album here) It was originally released September 13, 1994 on the Up Records label. The line-up for the album was Doug Martsch, bassist Brett Nelson, and drummer Andy Capps, with Phil Ek producing. The album features the enduring singles “In the Morning,” “Car,” and “Distopian Dream Girl.”

Pitchfork recently reviewed There’s Nothing Wrong With Love, giving the album “Best New Reissue,” and had this to say: “With its focus on childhood, the nature of existence, and the search for meaning, it’s possible to hear There’s Nothing Wrong With Love in the terms of  “What if there was another universe in my fingernail?” - style stoner dorm-room philosophy. But Martsch’s open heart keeps you on his side…To borrow one last line from “Car”, on this album Martsch remembered when he wanted to see “movies of his dreams.” For the vast majority of us that wish is never fulfilled, but There’s Nothing Wrong With Love is a celebration of the desire itself, the vulnerability that comes with allowing yourself to imagine possibility (see October 23rd review).

Sharpen Your Teeth is the underground classic and lone offering from Ugly Casanova.  (stream the album here)  The long, out-of-print vinyl edition will come with the original 13 track album and 4 bonus songs: “Babies Clean Conscience,” “Diggin Holes,” “Roads to Go to Roads to Go to…“ (which were available as limited edition singles around the album’s release); And the unreleased “They Devised A Plan to Fuck Forever,” recorded during the Sharpen Your Teeth sessions.  The album, which was co-produced by Brian Deck and Isaac Brock at Glacial Pace Studios (Oregon), features guest appearances from John Orth (Holopaw), Tim Rutili (Califone, Red Red Meat), Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession), and a handful of like-minded collaborators.

Ugly Casanova is Isaac Brock, of Modest Mouse. Or, possibly, it is a mysterious savant named Edgar Graham, who imposed himself on Modest Mouse at the Denver show of the band’s 1998 tour, introduced himself as Ugly Casanova, and, through a haze of unnerving instability, shared some rough songs with the band. His songs, though delivered hesitantly… shamefully, even… displayed unmistakable talent. By the end of Modest Mouse’s tour, Casanova, with much reluctance, was persuaded to record some of these songs and hand them over to record labels for issue as singles or parts of compilations. Predictably, immediately after he had done so, he disappeared (read more about Ugly Casanova here).

Built to Spill’s There’s Nothing Wrong With Love and Ugly Casanova’s Sharpen Your Teeth are now available for purchase through Sub Pop Mega Mart and fine independent retailers everywhere.

Built to Spill

There’s Nothing Wrong With Love


1. In the Morning

2. Reasons

3. Big Dipper

4. Car

5. Fling

6. Cleo

7. The Source

8. Twin Falls

9. Some

10. Distopian Dream Girl

11. Israel’s Song

12. Stab

Ugly Casanova

Sharpen Your Teeth

Vinyl tracklisting

1. Barnacles

2. Spilled Milk Factory

3. Parasites

4. Hotcha Girls

5. (no song)

6. Diamonds On the Face of Evil

7. Cat Faces

8. Ice On the Sheets

9. Bee Sting

10. Pacifico

11. Smoke Like Ribbons

12. Things I Don’t Remember

13. So Long to the Holidays

14. Babies Clean Conscience*

15. Diggin Holes*

16. They Devised a Plan to Fuck Forever*

17. Roads to Go to Roads to Go to…*

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