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NEWS : WED, NOV 2, 2016 at 7:00 AM

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sign To Sub Pop! Now Hear Their New Single “Julie’s Place”

We at Sub Pop Records are quite pleased with ourselves in announcing that Melbourne rockers, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, have joined our ever-growing family. Now let us get on with never shutting up about them, as follows:

Born from late night jam sessions in singer/guitarist Fran Keaney’s bedroom and honed in the thrumming confines of Melbourne’s live music venues, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever began to take shape as audiences got moving. Sharing tastes and songwriting duties, cousins Joe White and Fran Keaney, brothers Tom and Joe Russo, and drummer Marcel Tussie started out with softer, melody-focused songs. The more shows they played, the more those driving rhythms that now trademark their songs emerged. Since then, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever rode that wave from strength to strength. Touring around the country on headline bills and festival slots, they entrenched themselves with their thrilling live shows.

[Photo Credit: McLean Stephenson]

In early 2016, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever released Talk Tight, their first EP. That effort put the group on the map with glowing support from SPIN, Stereogum, and Pitchfork, praising them as standouts even among the fertile landscape of Melbourne music. Chock full of snappy riffs, spritely drumming and quick-witted wordplay, Talk Tight was praised by Pitchfork “for the precision of their melodies, the streamlined sophistication of their arrangements, and the undercurrent of melancholy that motivates every note.”

“Julie’s Place,” the first single off Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s forthcoming EP (out in 2017, and premiered via Stereogum on Nov. 2), levels up on everything that made Talk Tight such an immediate draw. It’s about being young and dumb but full of bravado. Sprinting guitars mimic singer Keaney’s pangs of heartache, his awkwardly sensual lyrics calling to mind the chaos and confusion of being around someone you can’t get off your mind.

You can (and should) follow Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever everywhere in the known universe… and also via their Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter .


Posted by Rachel White