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THU, JUN 16, 2011 at 10:04 AM

Four Releases, One Day: June 28th


June 28th is a date just filthy with new releases from your good pals over here at Sub Pop Records & Shirts, Inc. Seriously, we’ll be just buried in new tunes that day. Like this… We’ve got the new one from Montreal’s Handsome Furs; Sound Kapital is the duo’s third full-length, and their best yet. Handsome Furs continue to evolve in unpredictable and exciting ways. On this new album they use keyboards and drum machines to forge nine life-affirming anthems taut with muscle and blood. Pre-ordering Sound Kapital will get you a Handsome Furs postcard set for free!

Next up, we’ve got Black Up from Seattle’s enigmatic hip-hop crew, Shabazz Palaces. This debut full-length is the kind of unpredictable genius we like to think you might, possibly, by now, have come to expect from us. We are fairly certain that it is totally not grunge. We are also fairly certain that it is a profoundly amazing record. And, according to much of the early press (and something called “buzz”) that Black Up has received, we are not alone in that. If (let’s go ahead and say when) you pre-order Black Up, you’ll receive a limited edition Shabazz Palaces patch.

Alongside these two full-lengths, we’ve got two new singles coming out that day as well! There’s one from Still Corners, their first release on Sub Pop and a precursor to their full-length debut coming later this year, and our first new music from Avi Buffalo since the band’s April 2010 first and self-titled album.

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FRI, MAY 20, 2011 at 5:21 AM

Sound Kapital, the new Handsome Furs album is avail for pre-order right G-D now!


As we have previously showed you about, there is a new Handsome Furs record coming out on Sub Pop on June 28th. It’s called Sound Kapital and though it is remotely possible that we have some sort of bias here, we think it is really terrific. But, you can see/hear for yourself by listening to the two free songs from the record which we are currently offering for free to you, free of charge. These songs (“What About Us” and “Repatriated”) are avail on the Handsome Furs artist page here on the Sub Pop internet place. Today, Pitchfork posted something about the most recently released of these two songs

Right now, Sound Kapital is available to pre-order on either CD or LP. And, there are two, kind of big deal things to mention about this pre-order!

1. From somewhat recently until at least when the record comes out on June 28th, when you pre-order the CD or LP, we will give you a 320k download of the entire record! This download will be available on your account page, sensibly enough, under “available downloads” after you’ve placed your order.

B. The first 350 people who pre-order Sound Kapital will also receive a 9-postcard set featuring photos taken by the band, all packaged in a fancy custom envelope. It is, as I am told they say, a “real classy piece.”

You could do worse, is what we’re saying.

You should also know, if you do not already, that there are upcoming Handsome Furs tour dates. I am referring, specifically, to these tour dates:

05-20 Paris, France – Fleche D’Or
05-21 Bergen, Norway – Landmark
05-22 Oslo, Norway – Betong
06-18 Toronto, Ontario – NXNE
06-23 London, Ontario – Call the Office
06-25 Montreal, Quebec – Caberet Mile End
07-03 Des Moines, IA – 80/35 Festival
07-15 Regina, Saskatchewan – The Exchange
07-17 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Louis’ Pub
07-19 Edmonton, Alberta – Starlight Room
07-20 Calgary, Alberta – Republik
07-23 Seattle, WA – Capitol Hill Block Party
07-27 Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock Social Club
07-28 Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom
07-29 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
07-30 Detroit, MI – Lager House
08-01 Toronto, Ontario – Horseshoe Tavern

TUE, APR 12, 2011 at 3:42 AM

Handsome Furs announce new record, “Sound Kapital” out June 28th

You can sample the debut single “What About Us” off of Sound Kapital by inserting your email address into the fancy widget above.

Sound Kapital is the third full-length from Handsome Furs, the Canadian two-piece of husband and wife Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry. It’s also the first Handsome Furs album written exclusively on keyboards. This was a conscious decision. Here in 2011, the suggestion that electronic music is cold, alien or unfeeling, somehow detached from the human experience, is as lingering as it is outdated. Handsome Furs don’t just shrug off this myth on Sound Kapital, they reject it with every fiber of their shared being. On this new album they use keyboards and drum machines to forge life-affirming anthems taut with muscle and blood. These nine songs of innocence and experience occasionally look ahead to a better world in the not-so-distant future, but Handsome Furs know what time it is: Now. They are fully engaged in the moment and their surroundings, wherever that may be.

Sound Kapital was recorded quickly, polished and rehearsed in the Furs’ derelict Montreal studio, then preserved for posterity by longtime producers Howard Bilerman and Arlen Thompson at Hotel2Tango, mixed by Finnish dudes Antti Joas and Jonas Verwijnen at Kaiku Studios in Helsinki and Berlin, and mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering in Montreal.

Track listing for Sound Kapital:
1. When I Get Back
2. Damage
3. Bury Me Standing
4. Memories of the Future
5. Serve the People
6. What About Us
7. Repatriated
8. Cheap Music
9. No Feelings

Handsome Furs are about to hit the road. Click here for a full list of dates.

TUE, SEP 21, 2010 at 5:42 AM

Handsome Furs - Asia Tour Journal 2010


Dan and Alexei of Handsome Furs toured through Asia for a second time last month (Aug. 2010), and Alexei kept a journal of their experiences. That journal, along with a ton of great photos they took along the way is now available for you to read and see here!

As you may recall, and we will waste no time reminding you, back in January of this year, featured some amazing coverage of the band’s first Asian tour. That is available here.

In other recent Handsome Furs-related news, just last week on the site, Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 picked the Handsome Furs album FACE CONTROL as one of his current favorite records!

WED, APR 21, 2010 at 11:07 AM

Handsome Furs At The Junos


Sub Pop’s very own Handsome Furs were nominated for a Juno Award (Best Alternative Album for their really very excellent 2009 release FACE CONTROL). The ceremonies were held in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

After traveling for over 20 hours from Seattle I landed in St. John’s at 4:00 AM on Thursday. I didn’t really know what to expect. When I hopped in cab and heard that the driver had a crazy Irish / Canadian accent I knew that St. John’s was rad. The bars are open until 4:30 AM and you can smoke in taxi cabs (let’s also not forget about dill pickle potato chips and Smarties – the chocolates).

Dan and Alexei were due to get into town on Thursday night. Unfortunately, there was a blizzard and then the fog rolled in. Apparently April is the foggy season and once it rolls in it stays for days. They ended up stranded in Halifax (with two attempted landings in St. John’s) for 32 hours, along with every other person that was headed to the Junos. We had to cancel their Friday night show. They finally arrived early in the morning on Saturday.

Saturday night was the Juno Gala Dinner and Awards. Metric ended up going home with Best Alternative Album (along with a few others) but gave Handsome Furs a shout out first thing during their acceptance speech. After the awards Handsome Furs decided to play a last minute show (thanks to Amy Milan and Land of Talk) at The Ship. The show was amazing and the new songs sound effing awesome. After the show we pretty much ate every type of potato chip (dill pickle, ketchup, etc) that Canada has to offer and watched Much Music.

Sunday night was the filmed awards ceremony where Bieber Fever was in full effect. Dan and Alexei walked the red carpet and looked amazing. Hundreds of girls were lined up screaming and crying for Justin Bieber which was hilarious and cute.

After the ceremony we were at dinner when rumors started to spread that the ash from the volcano was making its way to St. John’s and all AM flights were canceled on Monday. I checked my flight, and sure enough, it was canceled. We went back to the hotel and spent over two hours on the phone with Air Canada trying to book other flights. We got through and rescheduled our flights for later in the morning, took a three hour nap, and headed to the airport.

On our way to the airport our cab driver was pretty much laughing at us for trying to get out of St. John’s. The ash hadn’t hit yet but the fog never lifted. We checked in and were sitting at our gate when we heard our plane coming from Halifax circling over head (not a good sign). By that time our flight should have already left (and I was going on an airport tour of Canada and had other flights to catch like St. John’s – Halifax, Halifax – Montreal, Montreal – Vancouver, Vancouver – Seattle). Then the fire alarm randomly started going off and we started to evacuate right when Air Canada told us that our plane could not land and our flight was canceled.

If there is one thing that brings people together it is getting stuck in shitty situations. The three of us teamed up and split up – Dan to talk to an Air Canada agent even though they told us several times that they wouldn’t rebook us and that we had to call, Alexei talking to other airlines, and myself on hold with Air Canada once again. The soonest Air Canada could get us out of St. John’s now was on Friday (5 days later than our original departure date). We decided to try to fly standby on the next flight out of St. John’s and all three of us somehow got on it. I’m pretty sure my good luck for the year has been used up.

Even though Dan and Lex spent more time in airports than in St. John’s I think they’d do it again (I hope so?). I know I would.

Fun facts—there are polar bears in Newfoundland and Labrador. The bears get there via a floating iceberg. Newfoundland and Labrador only joined Canada in 1949 (the locals told us they voted 51% for Canada and 49% for the states to remain an independent dominion of the British empire). Newfoundland is the most eastern part of North America.

THU, MAR 11, 2010 at 2:50 AM

Handsome CNN


Maybe you remember us telling you back in January about the new travel video series called “Indie Asia: On Tour with Handsome Furs” which partners CNN with our very own Handsome Furs.

In case you are a bit hazy on the details, this is the series follows Handsome Furs throughout their first tour across Asia, through China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand and highlights the pretty unique footage that the band captured using their own Flip cameras. Installments have been popping up over at CNN since January and today the 4th part of the series is premiering right at this very moment over on the front page of the very big deal that is Go check it out!

Oh and you can also check out all 4 episodes in one pace by going here too!