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Sub Pop, feeling even more self-congratulatory than usual, is pleased to announce the opening of its Mega Mart 2, the brand new, first-ever, almost entirely functional and fully computerised sibling site to the world famous Sub Pop Mega Mart, catering specially to fans and customers who live outside of North America. Warehoused in the UK and stocking an array of Sub Pop goods (vinyl, CDs, and T-shirts), fans on this side of the pond who have long been suffering from outrageous (though totally real) shipping charges can finally rejoice! 

As if opening Mega Mart 2 wasn’t enough incredible news, Sub Pop is also announcing a 20th Anniversary remastered reissue of The Shins’ classic 2003 album Chutes Too Narrow, featuring new, custom die cut artwork. Chutes Too Narrow, the band’s heavily anticipated follow-up to their debut, Oh, Inverted World, was recorded in James Mercer’s basement home studio, with later mixing assistance from Phil Ek (Built to SpillModest MouseDavid CrossLes Savy Fav, etc.). And, with 10 songs, clocking in at just over 30 minutes, the record is a brief yet entirely scintillating glimpse at chiming, reflective and perfectly skewed pop innovation. This new, anniversary reissue will be available on limited edition coloured LP (Transparent Sun Yellow), Black LP, CD and DSPs on Oct 20th and is available for pre-order now:

Chutes Too Narrow was released to widespread acclaim in 2003, garnering Pitchfork’s Best New Music, four stars from Rolling Stone, and raves from The New York TimesMOJOThe Village VoiceSPIN, and tons more. It subsequently made best-of-the-decade lists from The AV ClubNMEPastePitchfork and Uncut.

Mercer says of Chutes Too Narrow, “I was very aware at the time that I had struck gold with the first record, and it was unlikely to happen again. ‘Sophomore slump’ and all that. The pressure to prove myself as a viable writer had never been so pronounced. Midway through the mixing process, I realized one of the songs would not work, so I stayed up after everyone went to bed and wrote ‘Young Pilgrims.’ And with Ek’s help, it worked! Such a stressful but beautiful experience!”

In other reissue news, on October 6th Sub Pop will be releasing Mudhoney’s seminal Superfuzz Bigmuff vinyl EP AND their ’Touch Me I’m Sick’ 7” on limited edition new colour variants (Mustard Yellow for Superfuzz Bigmuff and Neon Orange for ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’) . Both are available to pre-order now from, yes you guessed it, Mega Mart 2:

Head over to Mega Mart 2 now to find not only these but all manner of Sub Pop releases old and new, including the “first ever time on vinyl in its original form” reissue of The Vaselines’ The Way Of The Vaselines (due Sept 8th), CHAI’s dazzling s/t fourth album (Sept 22nd), a first-time vinyl pressing of The Postal Service’s Everything Will Change live album (Sept 8th) and Deeper’s Sub Pop bow, and third album proper, Careful! (Sept 8th).

More about Sub Pop, by Sub Pop:

Founded in 1988, Sub Pop Records is a medium-sized independent record label based in Seattle, WA. With early releases by NirvanaMudhoneySoundgarden and TAD, the label is often associated with something called “the grunge movement.” Exploitation of this association has frequently proven financially fruitful. Later years saw album releases from such moderately-to-somewhat-well-known artists as: Sunny Day Real EstateThe Murder City Devils, The ShinsIron and WineThe Postal ServiceBand of HorsesFlight of the ConchordsFleet FoxesSleater-KinneyBeach House, Washed OutShabazz PalacesThe Head and the HeartWeyes BloodClippingSuki Waterhouse and Father John Misty, among many other very talented and deserving artists whose managers will be contacting us shortly about inclusion in the preceding list. 

At Sub Pop Records, it is our intent to market and sell the recorded music (and related merchandise) of artists whose music some shifting definition of “we” really and truly love. We mean to represent these artists as faithfully and diligently as possible and hold out hope that this is enough for us to remain solvent in the face of the well-documented collapse of the music industry at large. We also enjoy laughter, good times and the company of friends.

Mega Mart 2 Possibly Asked Questions:

Q: What is the Sub Pop Mega Mart 2?
A: It’s Sub Pop’s new online store, shipping from a warehouse based in the UK.

Q: Will this be less expensive for me?
A: Maybe! Depends on where you live. But, why not check?

Q: Will there be different products available at MM2 vs MM?
A: Sometimes, yes!

Q: Where should I shop, MM or MM2?
A: Whichever you prefer!

Q: Wait… What is “MM” and “MM2”?
A: “MM” is an abbreviation for “Mega Mart,” and “MM2” is an abbreviation for “Mega Mart 2,” both of which are web stores operated by Sub Pop Records.

Q: Don’t you have an actual MM2 FAQ?
A: We do! 
Mega Mart 2 FAQ

Q: What if I have read these dumb “Possibly Asked Questions,” and also the actual MM2 FAQ and I still have questions?
A: Try here:

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