NEWS : FRI, MAR 31, 2023 at 7:00 AM

Sub Pop Is Rough Trade’s ‘Label of the Month’!

Sub Pop is thrilled, chuffed even, to announce that we, the ‘practically legendary’ Seattle-based media conglomerate, will be Rough Trade Stores’ ‘Label of the Month’ for the entirety of April 2023!

A compensated spokesperson from Rough Trade gave us the following very nice (and objectively true…) statement…, “What can we say about Sub Pop Records? A label born from the ardent practice of DIY culture, built on a pioneering grunge scene and a reformed idea of what it means to be a music brand. Though they are a decade our junior, we’ve enjoyed growing up together and witnessing the evolution not only of music, but of our own institutions; the breadth and diversity among their current roster is testament to this. Sub Pop’s culture is as much about the label as it is about the music. They are one of the best indie labels in the world, and we’re proud to call them friends. Long, long may they live.”

Plus, in a rare instance of true synergy, April 1st, 2023 marks Sub Pop’s 35th anniversary! And we are hereby kicking off celebrations of our 35 or so years of excellence in our chosen field (whatever that might be). Happy Birthday to us!
As some small measure of our true gratitude surrounding this ‘Label of the Month’ business, we have pressed 5 arguably classic albums from our bountiful catalogue on exciting, coloured vinyl! These limited-edition pressings will be sold exclusively via the Rough Trade stores, both in the group’s 5 UK physical retail locations (see below for addresses) and online via the magic of impersonal, odorless web sales.
The details thereof:

Nirvana Bleach (SP34RTX) on CRYSTAL CLEAR VINYL x500 copies
The Postal Service Give Up (SP595RT) on OPAQUE PURPLE VINYL x500 copies
Orville Peck Pony (SP1293RT) on TRANSPARENT BLUE VINYL x500 copies
CSS Cansei De Ser Sexy (SP717RT) on PINK VINYL x500 copies
Sunny Day Real Estate Diary (SP846RT) on TRANSPARENT YELLOW & BLUE VINYL x500 copies

Get to it, collector scum! (whilst stocks last…)
We’ve also collaborated on a handsome and exclusive new t-shirt, featuring print on both the front and back, which will also be available from Rough Trade (whilst stocks last). This t-shirt is available in two colours (if you count black and white as colours, and we do) and in several sizes.
Sub Pop and Rough Trade: Making April (2023) Great Again!

Posted by Abbie Gobeli