NEWS : MON, APR 11, 2022 at 12:00 AM

The 2022 Loser Scholarship Winners

The Losers who won, what fun! This year are we had an exceptional bunch of applicants to our Loser Scholarship, which made finding our Loser Winners no easy task. Luckily, our Loser Chooser (TM) scholarship committee  was game to spend hours reading through hundreds of applications, and at the end of a very difficult decision-making process, the committee has come up with three ultramega-OK, life-affirming scholarship winners. Congratulations to the winners and heartfelt thanks to all who took the time to apply, you have brightened up our days during an odd time.

First up, Nupur from Issaquah blew us away with incredible visual art. The paintings Nupur made were so good and those alone may have been enough to win us over. However, when we heard about the zine Nupur is helping to put together boosting the signal of BIPOC high school artists in the state, in spite of stiff headwinds from authority figures, we became smitten. Nupur is doing incredible work and we are happy to call Nupur a Loser winner.

Next up the Loser Choosers were enamored with Nya from Burien. Nya has been working as a teenage artist and activist to bring more equity to the art world in her community. Through multiple groups doing compelling work Nya strives to share, amplify, and celebrate voices that are being silenced. Nya’s art spoke volumes to our committee and we think there is a very bright future ahead for this Loser.

Finally, we couldn’t help but be won over by Hana from Tacoma. Hana uses dance to express feelings, emotions, connect with others and tell the story of her life. Hana’s dedication to dance helps her explore the feelings of being a young black woman in America. Through volunteer efforts in her community Hana has helped many gain confidence and find their power through dance. With such an incredible talent, we are happy to call Hana a Loser.

Thanks for playing to all who applied, every Loser applicant is an inspiration! And we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for all of the Losers out there.

Posted by andrew sullivan