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Shannon Lay’s alluring new record, Geist available Today, October 8th via Sub Pop

Shannon Lay’s alluring new record, Geist is out today worldwide via Sub Pop. Geist has received acclaimed support from places like Uncut, Stereogum, Under the Radar and Mojo. Pitchfork gave her single “Rare to Wake” its coveted “Best New Track,” saying “Shannon Lay delivers each moment in “Rare to Wake” with deep care and intention. Throughout the song’s five-minute runtime, the Los Angeles songwriter’s voice never appears unaccompanied: It is always layered in harmonies, followed by wordless echoes, or conversing with a sparse ensemble of upright bass, keys, electric guitar, and handclaps. Her lyrics are formed by existential concerns (“Have I always been who I am?”) and quiet affirmations (“I am longing to grow”). While her words slowly outline an imagistic narrative, the real story is in the sound itself—percussion teases a climax that never arrives, the background vocals sometimes overtake the lead, and her central acoustic guitar riff loops with the steady, meditative quality of ambient synths. Like a living painting, each new texture and color shifts the mood.” 

Lay will be touring in support of Geist and has confirmed new shows in North America, UK, and Europe. Click here for a full list of shows. 

What people are saying about Shannon Lay:

 “It’s impossible to overstate just how beautiful the song is, Lay’s voice woven into transcendent harmonies as her patient but insistent acoustic guitar loops itself into a kind of instrumental mantra. Glistening keys and handclaps play around the edges, shading in new colors without ever disturbing the serenity of repetition. If this is what change sounds like, it’s easy to look forward to whatever’s next on the horizon for Lay.” [“Rare To Wake”] - Stereogum

“Drenched in brilliant Californian sunshine, beautifully layered harmonies and an all-around feeling of loveliness [..] Divine” - God Is In The TV 

“Geist already feels like a special record” - For The Rabbits 

“Lay’s voice is a thing of burnished beauty, quiet and warm with a certain gravity” [9/10] - Uncut

“Geist is a beautiful spin through the windmills of Lay’s mind, unreal in the best ways” - [4/ 5] - Mojo

“Geist is shaping up to be a real must listen” [Single of the Week] - Secret Meeting 

“Judging from ‘Rare To Wake’ the best is yet to come as her voice and sound has blossomed” - The New Cue

“Sensational” - Beats Per Minute

Shannon Lay



1. Rare to Wake

2. A Thread to Find

3. Sure

4. Shores

5. Awaken and Allow

6. Geist

7. Untitled

8. Late Night

9. Times Arrow

10. July

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