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Iron & Wine shares “This Solemn Day” official video from Tallahassee, the lost-in-time debut album, out now worldwide on Sub Pop

Iron & Wine worked with noted multimedia artist Steven Dufala for the video to lead track, “This Solemn Day.” The song’s bare-bones approach to storytelling comes to life as Dufala creates a world of sophisticated simplicity. Using stop motion animation, paper sculptures, and a bit of drawing, the video unfolds with a hypnotic charm carrying you through small town U.S.A. in new and unique ways.

The team behind the video includes animator Josh Coll and cinematographer Drew Saracco, and was produced by Laris Kreslins and All Ages Productions. 

Tallahassee documents a window of time (1998-99) in which Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam would make his very first musical recordings while attending Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts. Upon graduation Beam would move to Miami and begin writing new songs utilizing a four-track recorder to make The Creek Drank the Cradle, which would come out three years later.
The songs captured in that house on St. Augustine’s in Tallahassee - preserved on a hard drive by roommate, Tallahassee engineer and one time Iron & Wine band member EJ Holowicki  – went largely forgotten for over 20 years. 
Beam reflected by stating: “These songs are my first musical recordings. Listening back to these songs, I sometimes hear my younger self trying timidly to imitate musical heroes like Neil Young or Jason Molina with revealing affection. Other times, I hear the room where my friend EJ and I recorded and can easily picture it in my mind. I made many lasting friendships in that time of my life and all their faces come back to me too. One of my very favorite things about music is its powerful connection to memory.  Mostly when I hear these songs, I just remember the joy that came with taking these first baby steps…Hope you enjoy them!” 

Tallahassee is the fifth entry in the ongoing Iron & Wine Archive Series.  It is available on LP/CD/CS/DSPs from Sub Pop. The limited Loser edition on yellow-splattered vinyl is still available at, select independent retailers in North Americathe U.K. , and EU (while supplies last).

Iron & Wine
Archive Series Volume No.5: Tallahassee

1. Why Hate the Winter
2. This Solemn Day
3. Loaning Me Secrets
4. John’s Glass Eye
5. Calm on the Valley
6. Ex-Lover Lucy Jones
7. Elizabeth
8. Show Him the Ground
9. Straight and Tall
10. Cold Town
11. Valentine

Posted by Abbie Gobeli