NEWS : MON, JUL 6, 2020 at 6:00 PM

Sub Pop and Hardly Art Have ‘Got You Covered’ (A Cover Song Series)

Artists from the labels’ rosters are covering their favorite Sub Pop/Hardly Art songs.

Sub Pop and Hardly Art are, together, very excited to announce Got You Covered (a cover song series)! Got You Covered will feature Hardly Art and Sub Pop artists covering their favorite songs from the labels’ catalogs. Beginning today, Monday, July 6th at 6 pm PT (and every weekday evening this week), artists like Yuno, Chad VanGaalen, Lala Lala, Whitmer Thomas, and Jenn Champion will offer their takes on songs by Beach House, The Vaselines, Chastity Belt, and Nirvana.

The first installment of Got You Covered, Yuno’s excellent and sweetly affecting rendition of the Beach House song “Zebra,” is available to see/hear right now here.

Second in the series, here now is Jenn Champion’s take on Nirvana’s “Dive.”

Number three from the Big Baby himself: comedian / musician / world-famous actor Whitmer Thomas covers his friends Chastity Belt’s anthemic hit “Different Now” over here.

Please join us here in our appreciation of multi-talented weirdo Chad VanGaalen covering The Vaselines “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam.”

Polish singer and producer Perfect Son covers Chad VanGaalen’s “Molten Light” from beloved (and recently repressed to vinyl!) album ’Soft Airplane’ here.

Here’s Lala Lala’s lovely rendition of Beach House’s “Space Song.”

Prepare to be mesmerized here by Morgan Delt covering another mellifluous Beach House classic, “PPP.”

Rounding out this week’s collection of ‘Got You Covered’ tunes, here’s Alicia aka Bully absolutely shredding a cover of Sub Pop alum Orville Peck’s hit song ‘Turn to Hate.”

Posted by Rachel White