NEWS : TUE, MAR 17, 2020 at 9:00 AM

A Message From Sub Pop


For more than 30 years now, we at Sub Pop Records have strived to be a dependable source of excellent, exciting and important music and also, sometimes, when it all comes together, cultural change. It’s true what they say: we like to party. And our ability to participate in any of that is reliant upon a giant, interwoven community of artists and the people and organizations that support them. Right now, many of the people and communities in our world are being hit hard by the spread of, and wholly necessary response to, COVID-19.

You have seen this happening, we know. Artists are forced to cancel tours, venues can’t have shows, festivals are canceled or postponed. Musicians, record stores, production companies, tour crews, venue staff, booking agents, and so many other people working in our industry are losing jobs and opportunities, and there’s no telling what will happen next.

In an effort to keep our customers and staff safe and healthy, we decided to temporarily close the Sub Pop Airport Store at Sea-Tac, starting now. It will remain closed through at least the end of March. We’ll reassess after that. And please trust that we’ll be back at it as soon as we’re able. As of now, we are still shipping records, t-shirts and the like from our Seattle warehouse to mail order customers and record stores.

The world feels completely upside-down right now. More than ever, and right in the face of that, we remain dedicated to all of the artists on Sub Pop and Hardly Art whom we are so profoundly fortunate to work with. And, it seems absolutely vital to recognize that the music these artists create has the power to hold us upright and together, especially during unsteady, isolating times like these. This is important. 

We may not be able to come together in a way that feels normal or familiar, but we are always connected to each other through music and art. Lean on that, hard! And do what you can to support the community of artists/musicians/beautiful losers/misfits/etc to which you belong. Please be safe, please help each other, and let’s all celebrate in person, together, when we get through this.

Love in the time of COVID-19,

Sub Pop