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Sub Pop Is Hiring a Sales Director

Sub Pop Records: Sales Director

Sub Pop Records is currently looking to fill a newly opened position as the label’s Sales Director, working here in our Seattle headquarters. This is a leadership role within the company with responsibility for our physical, digital and streaming business. This person will work closely with our main distribution partner, the Alternative Distribution Alliance (or ADA), and all aspects of our internal sales department. Our ideal candidate will have significant music sales as well as managerial experience. The closing date to apply for this position is May 17, 2015.

Sales department management.
Management of relationships with distribution partners and key retailers.
Communication and reporting.

Sales department management
- Manage a sales team within Sub Pop Records, members of which handle direct retails sales, direct-to-consumer sales (via, and international sales and distribution.
- Work with the sales team to create and implement cohesive retail strategies for all Sub Pop and Hardly Art releases and related merchandise across all sales channels, globally (through ADA, direct digital accounts, direct physical retail accounts, direct-to-consumer sales, and international distribution partners)
- Lead weekly sales meeting to ensure the sales team is on track with all projects, covering current priorities and tours.
- Conduct annual performance evaluations for each member of sales team.
- Participate in the hiring and training of new employees in the sales department.
- Work with the sales team to explore new sales opportunities.

Management of relationships with distribution partners and key retailers.
- Manage relationships with ADA as well as relationships with key physical and digital retailers, both those who are direct accounts and those who come through ADA.
- Personally responsible for the management of direct digital account relationships.
- Establish Initial Order Goals and advertising budgets with the General Manager and ADA.
- Provide all necessary marketing and sales information and direction to ADA for new releases and ongoing priorities.
- Attend necessary sales conferences and meet regularly in person with distribution partners.

Communication and reporting
- Work in partnership with the Marketing Director and the International Sales and Distribution Manager.
- Attend weekly managers’ meetings and provide detailed information on upcoming sales programs, promotions and operations.
- Disseminate internally all pertinent information from stores, distributors and customers.
- Provide sales, streaming and other sales data to the company weekly, and at biannual meetings.
- Provide production input and guidance using sales-based estimates for manufacturing needs, and attend weekly production meetings.

Skills Necessary
- Must be motivated, organized, have the ability to multitask and communicate clearly and effectively to large and small groups, problem solve and provide conflict resolution when needed. Proficiency with data analysis and manipulation, plus experience with the usual suite of current office software and tools are all expected as well.

Supervisor: General Manager

Please send all resumes and cover letters to Mary Wood at

Posted by Sam Sawyer