NEWS : TUE, FEB 19, 2013 at 2:12 AM

New Survival Knife 7”


Survival Knife hail from Olympia, WA, and the “Traces of Me” b/w “Name That Tune” single is their first release (if you don’t count a soundboard recording of their first show that has been gathering praise all over the internet). The band – which features two of the three founding members of Northwest legends Unwound – pulls together elements of Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes, Black Flag’s mid-period mathematical lurch, King Crimson and of course Unwound for a taut and catchy post-hardcore crunch. Since their live debut in March 2012, they have shared stages with the likes of METZ, Bitch Magnet, Kinski and Hungry Ghost.

Pre-order “Traces of Me” b/w “Name That Tune” here.

Listen to “Name That Tune” here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer