COMMERCE : THU, JUN 7, 2012 at 4:21 AM

Jaill’s Traps out June 12–Free 7” w/ Pre-orders


Traps, the follow up album to Jaill’s 2010 Sub Pop debut, That’s How We Burn, is a record which has quickly (and perhaps prematurely) become a summer favorite around here due in large part to the overwhelmingly seasonal nature of the jams contained therein. While Traps is similar to its predecessor in terms of being saturated with what we here at Sub Pop would (and do!) regard as amazing, seasonally-appropriate songs, it differs a bit in its subject matter. Take for example these song titles: "Everyone’s a Bitch” or “Horrible Things (Make Pretty Songs).” Fear not though, friends, while the lyrics have taken a darker turn, the band’s signature slack yet tightly wound musical style and self-deprecating humor retain all of their charms. June 12th is the date on which Jaill and Sub Pop are releasing this beast into the wilds, and to celebrate, we would like to offer you EVEN MORE JAILL! Here’s what we’re proposing: if you pre-order the CD or LP by street date, we will send, at no extra cost, an exclusive 7”. Said single features two brand spanking new Jaill songs. Another thing of note is that if you pre-order Traps on LP from, you’ll receive the super limited, Loser Edition, colored-vinyl version of the record—in this case, your copy will be on green vinyl. Both of these limited edition things are (as the name implies) only available in very limited quantities, which is to say – order soon! Oh yeah, and as always, you’ll receive stickers. We’re forever giving you stickers.

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