NEWS : FRI, MAY 25, 2012 at 10:12 AM

We’ve Found Our Loser Winners, Rejoice!


Thank you so much to everyone who applied for the Sub Pop Loser Scholarship this year! We had more entrants than ever, and we’re super inspired by the amount of creativity spewing forth from the youth of the Northwest. Without further adieu, here’s the list of the 2012 winners:

1st Place – Kelsey Curtis of Portland, OR

Why we picked her: Kelsey’s photography was stellar, she volunteered her services to rad organizations like the Dill Pickle Club, and had an articulate essay detailing her passion for art & street photographers.

Check out some of Kelsey’s work here.

2nd Place – Joe McGehee of Renton, WA

Why we picked him: Joe’s essay included a really moving story about his father, he detailed why art is his anchor, he’s extremely motivated (attended pre-college art courses at Academy of Art in Cali), he helped with art classes at the YMCA, and submitted a fabulous portfolio to boot.

Take a look at some of Joe’s art at his blog

3rd Place – Brianna O’Brien of Seattle, WA

Why we picked her: We loved Brianna’s super creative sketches (she aspires to be a fashion designer) and we loved her dedication to being involved in arts organizations that reach out to those in need (9/11 Project, Nike project to design shoes for underprivileged Native American youth, etc.). She was also selected as one of the teen artists to display their work as part of the “Arts on the Waterfront” series.

Posted by Sasha Morgan