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Top 10 of 2011 – Friends of Sub Pop Edition


The end of the year is time for deep reflection, and an opportunity to give thanks and lend an ear to the people in your life. It may come as a surprise to you, but it takes more than the actual staff of Sub Pop Records to run the beast that is Sub Pop Records. We rely on tons of different people including European promo folks, editors, filmmakers, music supervisors, fellow labels, artists, and delivery people to keep the label running, and it’s time we asked them what they like. You know, just this once. Without further ado, here are the top 10 lists from Friends of Sub Pop. Click each person’s name to find out what they do!

If you’d like to review Staff Top 10 lists click here.

And, here’s a link to listen to these jams on Spotify. You’ll need to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. Enjoy!

Federico Federici
Talk Normal, performing at Sonic City Festival, Kortrijk, Belgium
Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu, performing Joy Division’s Day of the Lords, Lee Palace, Toronto, Canada
Asian Women on the telephone (AWOTT), live at SKIF Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
KILLL, live at SKIF Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
Sic Alps, live at Victoria Dalston, London, UK
Thulebasen, live at Sodra Theater, Stockolm, Sweden
The Ex & Brass Unbound live at Magasin 4, Brussels, Belgium
Movie Star Junkies, live at No Fest, Turin, Italy
Dead Western, performing at HUB, Sacramento, US
Monstro (i believe they changed their name to “Consort of the true drone”, anyway look for Ezra Buchla!) live at The Smell, Los Angeles, US

Dawn Sutter Madell
(personal favorites, in no particular order)
Bill Callahan Apocolypse Drag City
Reatards Teenage Hate Goner
Charles Bradley No Time For Dreaming Daptone
Wild Flag Wild Flag Merge
Mark Hollis Mark Hollis Ba Da Bing (vinyl reissue)
Tune Yards Whokill 4AD
PJ Harvey Let England Shake Island/Vagrant
Eleventh Dream Day/Come (Live show Bell House Brooklyn)
Dinosaur Jr.,Henry Rollins (interviewing), F’d Up, Off! (Live show Terminal 5, NYC)
Eleanor Friedberger Last Summer Merge

Toddrick Spalding
OK the best shit of 11. Here we go. For some reason this year I’m really struggling to break down the year so instead I’m just gonna ramble and hope it comes out in some semblance of order. No spell checks or rewrites… wish me luck.

First let’s confront the horrors of 2011 – clean the palate to really enjoy the frothy brew of goodness that is my 2011 best of list. So in no order whatsoever, the worst shit of 2011 was – Lakers out in the 2nd round like chumps, No NBA, Tea Party, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Facebook, Herman Cain, Banks, George Lucas STOP MEDDLING, weird global warming weather, wars, The Dodgers, the insane price you pay for a 7" record these days and the death of Steve Jobs, oh – and no NBA. Exhale. Don’t you feel better? I do. Palate cleansed. Let’s do this thing.

The tenth greatest thing of this year is the Nigel Tufnel Day movement. It was close running but Tap just barely nudged out Occupy Wall Street for the number 10 spot. The ninth most amazing thing this year was Netflix adding all the original Star Trek episodes. Stoked on that. Number 8 goes to this last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm and especially to the Palestinian chicken episode. Best live show of the year for me aka number 7, I think was TV On The Radio and Charles Bradley at Stubb’s during SXSW but it could also be all six times I’ve seen Bass Drum of Death this year. I’ll give the nod to Charles Bradley but give Bass Drum of Death’s tune “Leaves” the Killer Riff of The Year Award otherwise known as NUMBER SIX (the whole GB City record is as they say in nashvegas “tight as hell”). I think my favorite movie this year was Submarine directed Richard Ayoade of the Mighty Boosh. So let’s give that the 5 spot. The grower not a shower award this year goes to The Decemberists’ record The King Is Dead, which I detested until there wasn’t any other cds in the car and now I can’t stop listening to. Fine, Tom DeSavia – you were right it probably IS the record of the year – but this is my list so it’s getting number 4. The third best thing this year is a fine concoction called The Thirsty Crow that i’ve been drinking at local booze house The Thirsty Crow. The bar has the same name as the drink. don’t be confused. it’s all kinds of good. The next two best things are kinda personal so if you’re uncomfortable or uninterested you can totally stop reading now. Coming in at number 2… my awesome wife’s killer design of the new High Bias offices. You’ll have to just trust me. It’s fucking bitchin’ in here. AND FINALLY THE NUMBER ONE GREATEST THING EVER IN 2011: My son Salinger’s love of Spiderman and his near constant insistence to be wearing at all times a Spiderman costume.

Derek Erdman
Top 10 ways to eat eggs in 2012:
10. sunny side-up
9. scotch-style
8. in bed
7. chopped into bits
6. hard boiled
5. omelette
4. scrambled
3. deviled
2. poached
1. over-easy

Jill Guidi
-Married Joram Young 7/30/11!
-The overwhelming awesomeness of our family and friends who helped us have and celebrate said wedding
-Acoustic Black Mountain/Pink Mountain Tops/Lightening Dust basement jam at Deary’s
-Fleet Foxes, Montezuma
-The Rolling Stones at the Rondevouz Jewel Box Theatre, Seattle WA
-The amazing pizzas my friend Suzie made on the BBQ in June
-Stevie Nicks signing Landslide at Key Arena
-Hard Drugs and Jesse Lortz backyard performances
- The Rolling Stones at the Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
- All the trees, plants, animals and birds in The Washington Park Arboretum that provided the backdrop for countless hours of walking and talking

Thor Slaughter
1. Going to CMJ Marathon 2011 in New York for the first time!
2. Becoming a music director at KWVA Eugene, and realizing radio is where I’m meant to be.
3. The Dum Dum Girls Only In Dreams vinyl looks like beautiful bubble gum I want to eat…
4. Hosting an in-studio with Chad Vangaalen and his band of merry men!
5. Discovering this audio phenomena known as “Post-Rock”
6. Sebadoh melting my face at Music Fest Northwest
7. Memory House live at the knitting factory!
8. Realizing my super fuzz hero J Mascis can still blow my mind with just an acoustic guitar.
9. The Fruit Bats poster from their latest album features a picture of clouds in the sky, this poster now hangs on the wall right by my office desk, I stare into it on boring days and wish I was Falcor from the never ending story.
10. Too busy listening to new music and studying to actually eat has forced me to champion the peanut butter taco ritual: taking a slice of bread jamming it full of peanut butter, folding it over and eating it, then waiting for that magical moment where I can’t breathe due to how much peanut butter I’ve consumed and washing it down with a cup of milk, this cup is in the shape of Spider-Man’s head.

Melyssa D. Hardwick
Music (alphabetical order):
1. Bon Iver Bon Iver
2. Cults Cults
3. Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues
4. Florence + The Machine Ceremonials
5. Gardens & Villa Gardens & Villa
6. The Horrors Skying
7. M83 Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
8. Pete & The Pirates One Thousand Pictures
9. Ravenna Woods Valley Of The Headless Men
10.Spotify “officially” in the US (not an album, but one of my favorite music events of the year!)

Brian Cole
Amon Tobin – ISAM Tour
American Horror Story
Zola Jesus – Stridulum EP
Shabazz Palaces – Black Up
Hunx & His Punx
Gorillaz – The Fall
Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler / The Dream
Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise Video
Washed Out – Within and Without

Kyle Johnson
Top 10 Seattle Burgers of 2011 in no ranking order.
Sun Liquor-Cheese Burger Basket
Uneeda Burger-BBQ Smash
Lil Woodies-Smoked Out Burger
Re: Public-Kobe Deluxe Burger
Local 360-Butchers GrindHouse Burger
Skillet Diner-The Burger
Jak’s Grill-The Jak’s Burger
Zippys Burgers-The Zip Royal
Cyclops Cafe-Super Bueno Burger
Quinns- Painted Hills Cheeseburger

Phil Ek
1.Cannonball Adderly – The Cannonball Adderly Quintet In Chicago
2. Booker Little – Out Front
3. Jackie McLean – Let Freedom Ring
4. Herbie Hancock – Sextant
5. Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Dream
6. Lee Morgan – Sonic Boom
7. Miles Davis – Someday My Prince Will Come
8. John Coltrane – “Live” At The Village Vanguard
9. Charles Mingus – Pithecanthropus Erectus
10. Ornette Coleman – The Shape of Jazz To Come
*Honorable Mention – Street Seats

James Sherry
1. Pie and Mash meal with The Who and Quadrophenia mania
2. Pete Townshend making me a cup of tea.
3. Black Lips Arabia Mountain album and fire extinguisher riot in Paris
4. Home Of Metal Exhibition in Birmingham with Tony Iommi
5. Flaming Lips/Dinosaur Jr and Deerhoof at Alexandra Palace
6. True Widow at the Macbeth – doom heaven.
7. Faith and Void cds on Dischord Records
8. The Last Supper – Crass Songs 1977-1984
10. Hitting 40 years old and still punk rocking and breathing

Ewan Hall
Primavera Sound 2011
Pete & The Pirates One Thousand Pictures album
Girls Father, Son, Holy Ghost album
Smith Westerns Dye It Blonde album
Male Bonding Endless Now album
Atlas Sound Parallax album
PJ Harvey Let England Shake album
EMA Past Life Martyred Saints album
Bill Callaghan Apocalypse album
Dum Dum Girls Only In Dreams album

Will Lawrence
1. Smile Sessions & eating Vega-tables with Brian Wilson 

2. Wonderfulsounds: The Kramford Look & John Stammers 

3. Mario Barwuah Balotelli: bully-beating, homeless-helping pyrotechnics genius. Good at darts. Plays football a bit too. See Man U 1:6 Manchester City FC, 23rd October. Why Always Me? 

4. The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
5. New series of Curb
6. Left Banke reissues (and Shindig! magazine’s seriously detailed overview) 

7. New old Manchester hangouts – Kraak Gallery, The Castle Hotel & The Angel
8. The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
9. Discovering Ilkely Gold ale and for non alcholic refreshment Bundaberg Ginger Ale
10. Wells Moffat Funeral Directors

Gregory Wells
1. Death Grips – Exmilitary
2. Jurgen Muller – Sea Bed Meditation (the perfect bookend to anything noisy)
3. Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams LP
4. Felino Music Blog (thankfully Google Chrome has allowed me to read this amazing spanish blog, their monthly mix tapes are soo good)
5. The Antlers – Burst Apart LP
6. Ale (Why didn’t I drink this before??, find of 2011)
7. D/R/U/G/S – Connected EP
8. White Ninja – El Alfa (beautifully strange song and a ‘interesting’ video too
9. Fav youtube video of the year – Football Manager Mick McCarthy scared of nothing
10. Deerhunter @ Primavera (losing my wallet, phone and passport aside.. what a show!!!)

Kate Price
1. Best album of the year: EMA – Past Life Martyred Saints
2. Food discovery of the year: Roast dinners from The Londesborough in Stoke Newington (BEST ROAST DINNER IN THE WORLD)
4. Best festival of the year: Sonishpere
5. Boozy discovery of the year: Hot mulled cider with a shot of apple brandy at End of the Road. Warm/drunk/happy.
6. Best smelling music magazine: Clash
7. Best music video of the year: Chad VanGaalen – “Peace on the Rise”(this is not me sucking up, it’s just fkking brilliant)
3. Almost best album of the year: Peaking Lights 936
8. Best gig of the year: Dananananaykroyd’s last ever London show at Kings College last week That or Wye Oak at Hoxton B&K earlier in the year.
9. Best piece of art I’ve seen this year: Doug Foster’s Chimera at The Minotaur exhibition in the Old Vic Tunnels
10. Best moment of the year: meeting Hanson after they performed Middle of Nowhere back in June. My inner 11 year old found peace.

Feedy Frizzi—Part time chef to Sub Pop bands and lodger at Sub Pop UK HQ
The Cocks family
Making carbonara at 4am in Ewan’s home – whole pot of boiling water on the floor (reason why my next thing made it in the top 10)
Leslie (alive)
Paint It Black
May Jesus Bless you – Happy Birthday remake
Bunga Bunga
“Feedy sleeps sometimes” – Avi’s creation in Bardolph HQ after Honey Vodka
Honey Vodka and Sharkey

Chris Swanson
Top 10 Albums of 2011 (in alphabetical order):
Active Child You Are All I See (Vagrant)
Azari & III Azari & III (Loose Lips)
DJ Quik The Book of David (Mad Science)
Dreamers of the Ghetto Enemy/Lover (Temporary Residence Ltd)
Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop)
Iceage New Brigade (What’s Your Rupture?)
Invisible Conga People In a Hole / Can’t Feel My Knees EP (DFA)
James Blake James Blake (Atlas)
M83 Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (Mute)
Toro Y Moi Freaking Out (Carpark)

Andrew Morgan
In no particular order…
M83 Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
The Tree of Life
Poutine Tater Tots
Major League Baseball the night of 9/28
Eleanor Freidburger Last Summer
Martha Marcy May Marlene
Belatedly getting into records from 2010 (The National, Titus Andronicus)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor at The Metro

Lindsey Kronmiller
1. the birth of dancin’ anson
2. the ross flournoy experience
3. highline NYC
4. swimming at the quarry!
5. back-seat ribs at Hopscotch 2011
6. album of the year
7. biking around durham
8. dumplings in koreatown
9. friday night lights
10. planning my first vacations for 2012!

Matt Sullivan
Analog Coffee, Seattle
Cure For Pain: The Mark Sandman Story (Gatling Pictures)
Charles Bradley No Time For Dreaming (Dunham)
Portishead, Shrine Auditorium, Oct 18
Gold Leaves The Ornament (Hardly Art)
Group Doueh, Nectar Lounge, June 29
Michael Chapman & Bill Callahan, Troubadour, June 16
Kourosh Yagmaei Back From The Brink (Now Again)
Black Power Mixtape 1967-75 (Louverture Films)
Warbler Records, Santa Barbara, CA
Michael Kiwanuka Tell Me A Tale

Rebecca Pellman
1. Raw kale smoothies
2. Power walks
3. Seats on the streets
4. New art by John Atkins
5. Music that everyone has already heard of
6. Tooti
7. Taking the train to Portland
8. Movies at the Harvard Exit
9. Blue Bloods CBS
10. Laughs courtesy of smart, funny friends

David Dickenson
best show: Thee Oh Sees at Radar Hair and Records
best hotel: Casa Cody – Palm Springs, CA
best mixtape: Clams Casino “Instrumentals”
best albums: Real Estate Days, Wolves in the Throne Room Celestial Lineage, Pure X Faded
best hip-hop single: ‘Peso’ by A$AP Rocky
best EP: Trash Talk Awake
best video: The Coathangers Hurricane
best television show: First 48

Eli Anderson
1. The Best Show on WFMU – The best thing of 2010. The best thing of 2011. The best thing of 2012…
2. Dum Dum Girls Only in Dreams – 100% perfect pop record. Easily my most played record of the year.
3. Pretty much everything put out by Acephale Records. Pure X, Elite Gymnastics, Korallreven. Great music with super ace packaging. Love it.
4. Batman Arkham City – If I won the lottery I’d probably go broke within six months because I was trying to be Batman
5. The movie Drive- SPOILER ALERT! Nothing could have prepared me for seeing that dude’s head get stomped in.
6. The time I was trying to text a friend about a “Special Episode” of the Cosby Show but I am a horrible speller so my iPhone auto-corrected it to “Speculum Episode”. I live a thrilling life.
7. Destroyer, Telekinesis and Wye Oak records on Merge. INDIE ROCK.
8. New cats!
9. Ty Segall live at The Crocodile. Just incredibly powerful. Dude did a Sabbath cover WHILE crowd surfing.
10. Yogurtland. Nothing like non-fat yogurt covered in Reese’s Pieces. HEALTH ZONE.

Andreas S. Trolf
TOP 10 of 2011, by me, Andreas Trolf, Los Angeles, CA, as of today, Thursday, November 10th, 2011:
1. The Occupy Wall Street (and everywhere else) Movement. And the finest moment of solidarity was when I saw photos of young Egyptians holding up signs in support of OWS. The shittiest moment was when Fox News broadcast some idiots overlooking the protests from their offices (on Wall St.) while drinking champagne. Go fuck yourselves please.

2. A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. Although it came out in 2010, I didn’t have a chance to read it then because of being busy for the whole year and having not yet finished reading some other book. I managed to read it earlier this year and have now elevated Ms. Egan into a tier of writer heretofore reserved for modern American masters such as David Foster Wallace, George Saunders, John Barth, Joseph Heller, Don DeLillo, and John Gardner. Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award well earned. Congratulations also to my friend and mentor Darin Strauss on his own National Book Critics Circle Award for his memoir, Half a Life.

3. TV is good again: New episodes of It’s Always Sunny, The Walking Dead, Super Jail, Boardwalk Empire, and Louie. Plus the Arrested Development reunion (2012?).

4. The film Drive. Best car chase scene since Bullitt, brilliantly filmed and acted, and one or two perfect moments of violence. 

5. Born Free 3 custom motorcycle show in Oak Canyon Ranch, CA. Getting together with half a dozen good friends and riding out into the hills on a motorcycle way older than you are is certainly one of the best feelings in the world. Looking forward to BF4 and the Brooklyn Invitational in 2012.

6. GBV, Descendents, Dead Milkmen, and No Age at FYF in Los Angeles. I haven’t enjoyed (or attended) a music festival since high school because those things are for dusty retards who love getting sunburns and alcohol poisoning, but this one was excellent. 

7. Paul Krugman’s continued bombardment of common sense and common decency in his New York Times op-ed columns. 

8. The Arab Spring in general. Here’s to hoping that Syria is next.

9. Some folks died, some folks got born.

10. I thought I had an STD, but it turns out I didn’t. So that was good. (It was a gummy bear stuck to my wang, in case anyone was wondering.)

Amy Hixon
Things that kept me SANE in 2011(In other words..my best of 2011)and in no particular order btw..
1. Housewives of Beverly Hills
2.Ozark Mountain Daredevils station on Pandora
3.Smoke Shop Brandy Hot Toddys
4. Smoke Shop, in general
5.Michelle Bachmann and her corndog artistically and wonderfully displayed via City Market’s sandwich board
6.Heart/Def Leppard show at the Minnesota State Fair
7.Witnessing the daily freak shows that took place on the bus starting out at the lovely 3rd and Pike and stopping approx. 1 1/2 blks. down 3rd, which I lovingly dubbed “the stretch limo to DSHS”.
8.The “2 orders of toast” rap in process, soon to be the ultimate highlight of 2011.
9. Hail Merry chocolate tarts washed down with a dubbly bubbly Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha AND
10. Seeing my lovely ladies Alissa, Carly, and Lacey on a regular basis during the ridiculous sandwich/soup/hotbar craziness. Thanks for keeping me sane my angels of lunch rush! Bring on 2012!!!

Nita Keeler
Fair Ohs Everything is Dancing. I certainly was, it’s about time you did too.

Learning and discovering: you’re never too old (or young!) – Fixing ipods and learning how to use a saw and a drill probably fall into this bracket as well, though it’s debateable if i can do the latter two properly judging by my husband’s face. Saying that, perhaps ‘the look’ is more to do with me doing ‘his jobs’. this would fall in line with how he feels when i use an axe.

The ever wonderful Vivian Girls’ Share The Joy. They did you know. Share the Joy that is. They even dedicated a song to me in Bristol.

Discovering Mikal Cronin. so should you.

(I’m so) Agitated (Records) and the return of Icarus Line

In The Red’s continued mission to spread joyous SCUZZ far and wide

The year that was Beirut The Riptide — Hot dog!

Reading books (that is a whole BOOK and not just the same page over and over) again after an 8 year hiatus. Go me.

Merlin back on BBC TV. Love magic. And dragons. And knights. Merlin has all three: the most magical of all magicians, the noblest of all knights and John Hurt as the almost-last-remaining dragon

Log fires. nothing quite like it.

Frank Nieto
St. Vincent Strange Mercy (4ad)
The Coathangers Larceny & Old Lace (Suicide Squeeze)
Dirty Beaches Lone Runner (Suicide Squeeze) and Badlands (Zoo Music)
Nu Sensae Tea Swamp Park EP (Fast Weapons)
Shabazz Palaces Black Up (Sub Pop)
tUnE-yArDs whokill (4ad)
The Beets Let The Poison Out (Hardly Art)
USF The Spray (Circle Into Square)
Feist Metals (Cherry Tree)
Holiday Shores New Masses For Squaw Peak (twosyllable)

Brad Barrish
Ten Lists I Considered, But For Various Reasons Decided Not To Go With, Before I Settled On A Reverse Alphabetical List Of Ten Albums That Will Make It Look Like You Know What The Fuck You’re Talking About When Someone Asks What Your Favorite Albums Of 2011 Are.
Ten used albums I tried to sell to Amoeba in 2011, but couldn’t because they wouldn’t take them.
Ten artists you didn’t hear in 2011, but should have and probably will once everyone else’s lists are published.
Ten female music artists I asked permission from my wife to sleep with, only if the opportunity were to present itself.
Ten albums that, if mentioned in the context of best albums released in 2011 in my presence, would result in me punching you in the face.
Ten artists or bands that released an album in 2011 and whose name rhymes with a fruit or vegetable.
Ten reasons the Metallica and Lou Reed collaboration is one of the worst albums in the history of music.
Ten albums released in 2011 that I tried to sync with The Wizard of Oz.
Ten albums I decided to add to my own top of 2011 list, only after reading other people’s lists.
Ten albums I added to my top of 2011 list but never actually listed to.
Ten albums released in 2011 that I’m embarrassed to say I like.

A Reverse Alphabetical List Of Ten Albums That Will Make It Look Like You Know What The Fuck You’re Talking About When Someone Asks What Your Favorite Albums Of 2011 Are.
Washed Out Within And Without
Kurt Vile Smoke Ring For My Halo
Jessica Lea Mayfield Tell Me
The Horrors Skying
Fucked Up David Comes To Life
Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues
Elbow Build A Rock Boys!
James Blake James Blake
Atlas Sound Parallax
A.A. Bondy – Believers

Miguel Marques
“New History Warfare, Vol2: Judges” by Colin Stetson
“Building Waves” by The Glockenwise
“Black Up” by Shabazz Palaces
“Eye Contact” by Gang Gang Dance
Oneida live at OutFest
“Kerosene” cover by St Vincent
“Offside” and “This This Is Not a Film” by Jafar Panahi
“The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu” by Andrei Ujica
“Lemmy” by Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski

"Mad Men"

Ralph Buchbender
01. Tom Waits Bad As Me (Anti)
02. Forest Swords Dagger Paths (No Pain In Pop)
03. Destroyer Kaputt (Dead Oceans)
04. PJ Harvey Let England Shake (Island)
05. Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (PIAS)
06. Dum Dum Girls Only In Dreams (Sub Pop)
07. Bonnie “Prince” Billy Wolfroy Goes To Town (Domino)
08. Jim Sullivan U.F.O. (Light In The Attic)
09. Fucked Up David Comes To Life (Matador)
10. Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges (Blue Note Records)

Peter @ Rhythmethod
Top Ten New Zealand Vinyl finds this year:
Victor Dimisich Band – EP
Double Happys The Others Way 7"
The Pin Group Go To Town EP
Look Blue Go Purple This Is This EP
The Clean Late Last Night 7"
Peter Jefferies/Stephen Kilroy Crossover 7"
Various Solid Krypton Hits LP
The Clean Vehicle LP
The Builders Schwimmen In Der See 7"
Tall Dwarfs Canned Music LP

Tom Ojendyk
Sperm Wails Lady Chatterley 7" (SS Records)
Mind Over Mirrors The Voice Rolling (Digitalis)
Tabou Combo Respect (Secret Stash)
Astral Social Club Generator Breaker (Dekorder)
Bloodloss Lost My Head for Drink (Dirty Knobby)
Fungus Brains Ron Pistos Real World (Load Records)
Feeling of Love Dissolve Me (Kill Shaman)
Annapurna Illusion Life Is An Illusion (Rocket Records)
High Wolf Atlas Nation (Holy Mountain)
Parasites of the Western World s/t (De Stijl)

Being a Downtown UPS driver has a special array of daily annoyances!
Here are my top ten..
1. The person who always asks, “What am I signing for?” Really?!! How would I know? You are just one of more than a hundred deliveries I make during my day. Do you really think I know-or care- what is in that package? You are signing for the right to open that box and see for yourself. I also hate, “who is that from?” and “But I didn’t order anything!”

2. The person who feels they need to park two inches away from my back bumper even when there is no other car on the entire block. Is there a giant magnet on my bumper that pulls your car so close to my truck that I am now unable to open my back door without climbing on your hood?

3. ZAPPOS. Why don’t I just wait for you to try on your new shoes? Then we can just put the ARS label on so I don’t have to come back to pick them up tomorrow.

4. CODs. God, how I hate them. Why, in the age of online shopping and credit cards, do we still have them? The people who get them are like the ones in the grocery checkout who don’t pull out there cheque book and start to write until they have been completely rung up. Worst are the old-men business owners with the new cheque printer software they don’t know how to use.

5. When it’s raining, please don’t tell me I look like a drowned rat…

6. To you drivers who speed up to prevent me from merging into you lane of traffic. I realize my truck is very large and may impede your vision but would you be that rude if you weren’t in the anonymity of your car? To those of you who did let me merge in front of you, I wish I could jump out of my truck give you five dollars and a hug!

7. The people who think by turning on their four-way flashers they have carte blanch to park wherever they please, including my very limited truck zones. A parking enforcement officer once told me they are a beacon to illegally parked cars.

8. When I am making a huge delivery, as soon as I have finished unloading my hand truck, the customer who has the audacity to ask if I can put those packages in another location. No problem; just ask while they are still on the hand truck!

9. To all the people who see a big UPS truck blocking the alley… do you really think I’m going to be there a second? I’m probably delivering at least a hundred packages to 20 or 30 offices. I’m going to be there a while. When you start laying on your horn all it does is piss me off and really you want me to believe you have a sick kid at home you are rushing to see?

10. Lastly, THE JOKE… “Did you hear that FedEx and UPS are merging? They are going to be called Fed Ups” I have heard the joke hundreds of time. ALL UPS drivers have heard that joke hundreds of time. ALL FedEx drivers have heard that damn joke too. Please STOP!!! ( but when you see Todd, your FedEx driver, be sure to tell him this joke and see if he laughs)

Clint Simonson
the new ayler CD “Stockholm, Berlin 1966”: you kidding me?
luxardo fernet (this magic reduces branca to the realm of junior mints, fuck)
this new fahey boxset Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You: The Fonotone Years (1958-1965)
monday morning mushrooms
2 copies of jean dubuffet on finnadar came into the store used in 3 months, unreal !!
olivia wyatt’s staring into the sun @spectacle
blank realm deja what? LP
my kid playing “beat on the brat”
nylon string gtr stare case at PS1

Posted by Lacey Swain