FRI, MAY 27, 2011 at 3:42 AM

Limited Edition Scrapbook with Vetiver Pre-orders


Do you like summer? What about summer jams? What are your feelings on the unhurried, meandering nature of a coastal highway? If you have a positive emotional response to any of these questions, we at Sub Pop Records have got an album we would like to sell to you! It’s called The Errant Charm, and it comes to us from San Francisco’s Vetiver. Recorded and produced by Thom Monahan and bandleader Andy Cabic, The Errant Charm features some of Vetiver’s most unabashed pop songs to date, with songs like the hazy, layered and sunlight-dappled “Hard to Break,” and the driving, propulsive “Wonder Why.” This new and remarkable Vetiver album comes out on June 14th, very close indeed to the official arrival of summer, which, on the chance that you did not discern as much from the introductory ramblings above, this record will go great with. If you’re one of the first 350 people to pre-order The Errant Charm by June 14th on CD or LP (with digital download code), you’ll receive, for free, a limited-edition art/photo scrapbook featuring artwork and photography related to the record by Nathanial Russell and Alissa Anderson, respectively. We’ll also give you some free Vetiver and/or Sub Pop stickers and immediate access to an audio stream of The Errant Charm so you don’t have to wait until you receive your order to hear the album. All of this, for you, from us.

Pre-order The Errant Charm here.