TUE, AUG 17, 2010 at 8:57 AM

No Age Makes Stuff


When they aren’t recording or running all over the planet playing shows No Age keeps themselves busy with a variety of projects. We told you all about their contribution to the Todd Cole film for Rodarte in March. Most recently they collaborated with NYC based artist and musician Hisham Bharoocha on a line of sunglasses for his Phosphorescence eyewear line. Other artists contributing designs include Kim Gordon, Erin Wasson, Opening Ceremony, United Bamboo and Rockers NYC. Dean and Randy also teamed up with frequent collaborator Brian Roettenger on a book for Soundscreen Design. The 24 page book comes with a one sided 10" with three exclusive tracks! Pretty sweet. Brian and No Age Also teamed up on the artwork for their upcoming release Everything in Between. Now stop reading and go make something.

Posted by Susan Busch